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Assoc Prof Dr. Yaqiong Ge | Additive Manufacturing Award | Women Researcher Award

Associate Professor,Β Taiyuan University of Science and Technology,Β China

πŸ† Assoc Prof Dr. Yaqiong Ge, from Taiyuan University of Science and Technology in China, is a distinguished figure in the realm of Additive Manufacturing. Her groundbreaking work has earned her recognition, including the prestigious Additive Manufacturing Award. Notably, she is also celebrated for her contributions as a female researcher, garnering the esteemed Women Researcher Award. Through her innovative research and dedication to advancing the field, Assoc Prof Dr. Ge exemplifies excellence in academia and serves as an inspiration to aspiring scientists and engineers worldwide. Her achievements underscore the importance of diversity and inclusion in shaping the future of scientific exploration and innovation. 🌟



Academic History & Professional

🌐 Dr. Yaqiong Ge boasts a distinguished academic journey spanning over two decades. Since July 2007, she has been actively engaged as an International Joint Research Collaborator (JIJReC) with JWRI at Osaka University, Japan, fostering global research collaborations. Concurrently, she serves as an Assistant to Associate Professor at Taiyuan University of Science and Technology in Shanxi Province, China, since September 2009. Dr. Ge’s academic pursuits culminated in a Ph.D. from Taiyuan University of Technology between September 2011 and December 2014, following earlier achievements with a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree from the same institution. Her multifaceted background underscores her commitment to excellence in academia and research. πŸŽ“

Research interests

πŸ”¬ Dr. Yaqiong Ge’s research interests encompass the intricate realm of interface behavior, additive manufacturing, and advanced materials welding. Her focus lies in exploring process technologies and theoretical frameworks within welding, metal surface modification, and additive manufacturing of metals. Her research delves into various facets, including the welding and interface behavior of traditional and light metals, surface modification techniques utilizing laser technology to enhance wear and corrosion resistance, and the innovative realm of additive manufacturing. Through laser 3D printing and rapid cooling technologies, Dr. Ge pioneers the creation of novel metal structures and materials, such as bulk amorphous alloys and high entropy alloys, pushing the boundaries of material science and engineering. 🌟

Publications (Top Notes )

  1. The forming and crystallization behaviors of zr50ti5cu27ni10al8 bulk amorphous alloy by laser additive manufacturing
    Ge, Y., Chen, X., Chang, Z.
    Materials Express, 2020, 10(7), pp. 1155–1160
    Citations: 4
  2. Micro-mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of Zr55Cu30Al10Ni5 bulk metallic glass fabricated by spark plasma sintering
    Chang, Z., Wang, W., Ge, Y., Dong, P., Cui, Z.
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2019, 780, pp. 220–227
    Citations: 13
  3. Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ni-Cr-Si-B-Fe composite coating fabricated through laser additive manufacturing
    Chang, Z., Wang, W., Ge, Y., Zhou, J., Cui, Z.
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2018, 747, pp. 401–407
    Citations: 25
  4. The micro-zones formation of Zr-based bulk metallic glass composite fabricated by laser 3D printing
    Chang, Z., Ge, Y., Sun, L., Wang, W., Zhou, J.
    Journal of Manufacturing Processes, 2022, 76, pp. 167–174
    Citations: 4
  5. 3D extrusion printing of 304 stainless steel/polypropylene composites and sintering process optimization
    Xu, T., Long, F., Liang, Y., Li, Z., Ge, Y.
    Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing, 2023, 129(4), 285
    Citations: 1


Yaqiong Ge | Additive Manufacturing Award | Women Researcher Award

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