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Dr. Ahmadreza Mohebbi | Applied Linguistics | Best Researcher Award

EAP lecturer, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Ahmadreza Mohebbi, an enthusiastic scholar 🎓, is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences at The University of Auckland, with an expected completion in 2024. Armed with a keen intellect and a passion for research, Ahmadreza specializes in handling complicated statistical analyses using tools such as SPSS and LISREL. His academic journey at the prestigious university reflects a commitment to advancing knowledge in the field. For any inquiries or academic discussions, feel free to reach out to Ahmadreza at Amoh401@aucklanduni.ac.nz. 🌟








Ahmadreza Mohebbi is a dedicated academic on a remarkable journey of knowledge and expertise. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. at The University of Auckland in the Faculty of Education and Social Work 🎓 (2021-2024), Ahmadreza is actively engaged in advancing his understanding of educational and social sciences. Prior to this, he honed his teaching skills at Kharazmi University (2010-2012), specializing in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). 🌐 Additionally, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Translation from Kashan University (2006-2010), contributing to his diverse educational background. Explore Ahmadreza’s academic profile further at https://profiles.auckland.ac.nz/amoh401MA. 🌟

Work experience

Diving into a dynamic career, I embarked on my educational journey at Cluey Learning in 2023, specializing in English Secondary education. 📘 The focus extended to group dynamics, contributing to a collaborative learning environment both in New Zealand’s secondary English curriculum and the broader context of group-based education. 🌏

Prior to this, my dedication to language instruction manifested during my tenure at the Iran Language Institute from August 2010 to 2022. For over a decade, I imparted English for General Purposes (EGP) courses in the adults’ department, fostering language proficiency in diverse learners. 🗣️

Beyond traditional teaching, my passion for effective communication led me to serve as a Corporate Instructor at Baran Institute for International Communication from October 2012 to May 2013. Here, I shared my expertise in Business and General English with staff from various sectors, including IRIB, Mellat Bank, Sepah Bank, and Petro-hagh Company. 🌐

Academic Awards

Thrilled to share a highlight in my academic journey – the Presenter Grant awarded to me at The 9th Annual CamTESOL Conference! 🏆 This prestigious recognition not only reflects my commitment to scholarly excellence but also signifies the opportunity to share insights and contribute to the vibrant academic community. Eager to bring innovative ideas to the forefront,He look forward to presenting and engaging with fellow scholars at this esteemed conference. 🌐

Publications Top Notes

  1. Self-Regulated Learning, Goal-Oriented Learning, and Academic Writing Performance of Undergraduate Iranian EFL Learners.
    • Authors: MA Farsani, M Beikmohammadi, A Mohebbi
    • Published in Tesl-Ej, 2014
    • Citations: 48
  2. Intelligence profile of Iranian domestically designed and published ELT textbooks and students’ multiple intelligences.
    • Authors: Y Taaseh, A Mohebbi, F Mirzaei
    • Published in International Journal of Language and Linguistics, 2014
    • Citations: 12
  3. A typological investigation of errors in the use of English in the bilingual and multilingual linguistic landscape of Tehran.
    • Authors: A Mohebbi, AH Firoozkohi
    • Published in International Journal of Multilingualism, 2021
    • Citations: 7
  4. Situating L1 cultural conceptualizations in reading tasks of domestically designed English textbooks: Linking cultural linguistics theories to materials development praxis.
    • Authors: A Mohebbi, E Rahimi
    • Published in The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal, 2019
    • Citations: 3
  5. Optimising Language Learning for Students with ADHD: Strategies for Cultivating Attentional Mechanisms.
    • Author: A Mohebbi
    • Published in IntechOpen, 2023
  6. The use of cultural conceptualisations as a translation strategy for culture-specific jokes and humorous discourse: A remedy for a malady?
    • Author: A Mohebbi
    • Published in Ampersand, 2023
    • Author: A Mohebbi
    • Published in European Journal of English Language Teaching, 2020


Ahmadreza Mohebbi | Applied Linguistics | Best Researcher Award

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