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Dr. Mahendra Aryal | Bioremediation Award | Best Researcher Award

Assistant Professor, Trichandra Multiple campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Nepal

Dr. Mahendra Aryal, an Assistant Professor at Trichandra Multiple Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, has been honored with the prestigious Bioremediation Award for his groundbreaking research in environmental science. His innovative work in bioremediation has not only contributed significantly to the field but also holds promise for addressing environmental challenges globally. Dr. Aryal’s dedication and expertise have earned him recognition as one of the best researchers in his field. 🌱 His commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and finding sustainable solutions underscores his invaluable contributions to academia and the environment.




The Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Section of Bio-organic Chemistry at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, embarked on a pioneering research endeavor titled “Winery Wastes Exploitation for Production of High Added Value Products by Environmental Friendly Technologies.” 🍇 Spanning from December 1, 2012, to January 30, 2015, this project aimed to harness winery by-products for the creation of valuable commodities through eco-friendly methodologies. Under the guidance of Advisor Prof. Maria Liakopoulou-Kyriakides, the team explored innovative approaches to maximize resource utilization while minimizing environmental impact. This initiative underscores the university’s commitment to sustainable practices and cutting-edge research in chemical engineering and environmental science.


Dr. Mahendra Aryal, a distinguished scholar, earned his Doctor of Philosophy from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Department of Chemistry, Section of Bio-organic Chemistry at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. 🎓 His thesis, “Removal of Inorganic and Organic Toxic Substances from Aqueous Solutions by Microbial Processes,” presented on November 15, 2012, showcased his expertise in environmental science and innovative approaches to water purification. With an excellent grade, Dr. Aryal completed his Ph.D. journey under the guidance of Advisor Prof. Maria Liakopoulou-Kyriakides. Prior to this, he achieved a Master’s of Science with specialization in Physical Chemistry from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal, graduating with First division honors in 1997.

Teaching Experience

Dr. Mahendra Aryal’s illustrious career in academia spans various institutions and educational levels, reflecting his passion for teaching and mentoring students. Since 2015, he has served as a part-time lecturer (Visiting Faculty) at Tri-Chandra College, Kathmandu, Nepal, offering courses in Chemical Kinetics, Surface Chemistry, and Catalyst for B.Sc. students. 📚 Additionally, since 2021, he has been a Lecturer at NIST Higher Education, Kathmandu, Nepal, instructing Bachelor and Master’s students in subjects like Instrumental Analysis, Physical Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, and Bioprocess & Biochemical Techniques. His commitment to education extends back to the late 1990s, where he began teaching as a part-time Lecturer at Amrit Science College and Tri-Chandra College, shaping young minds at undergraduate levels. Dr. Aryal’s dedication further manifests in his tenure as a Chemistry teacher at various higher secondary schools from 1999 to 2008, where he imparted knowledge and inspired future scientists. 🌟


Dr. Mahendra Aryal’s academic journey is punctuated by prestigious accolades, reflecting his outstanding contributions to research and education. From 2007 to 2011, he was awarded the State Scholarship Foundation (I.K.Y) for doctoral fellowship in Greece, followed by the WinWaPro fellowship (2012-2014), further cementing his expertise as a postdoctoral fellow. 🎓 His dedication to academia was recognized by the Government of Nepal in 2018, bestowing upon him the esteemed Nepal Bidhya Bhusan Class ‘A’. Dr. Aryal’s commitment to scholarly excellence extends beyond his own work, as evidenced by consecutive recognitions as an Outstanding Reviewer by the Emerald Literati Awards for his contributions to the Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal in 2017 and 2019. 🏅

Publications ( Top Notes )

Solid waste management practices and challenges in Besisahar municipality, Nepal. (2023). M. Aryal, S. Adhikary

An outlook on first, second and third waves of SARS-CoV-2 in Nepal: its epidemiological characteristics and challenges. (Accepted). V. Aryal, S. Jamarkattel, S. Khadka, S. Adhikary, G. Aryal, U. P. Bhattarai, M. Aryal

An analysis of drinking water quality parameters to achieve sustainable development goals in rural and urban areas of Besisahar municipality, Lamjung, Nepal. (2022). M. Aryal

A study of enteric fever and antimicrobial susceptibility patterns at the Manmohan Memorial Community Hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal. (2022). D. Adhikari, M. Aryal

Performance and potential of bacterial biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from micellar solutions. (2021). M. Aryal

Advances in biosorption of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from aqueous solutions using natural biosorbents. (2021). M. Aryal

Optimization studies for tartaric acid, phenolics, sugars, and antioxidant activity from industrial red and white tartar wastes. (2020). M. Aryal, M. Liakopoulou-Kyriakides

A comprehensive study on the bacterial biosorption of heavy metals: Materials, performances, mechanisms and mathematical modelings. (2019). M. Aryal

An Analysis of solid waste management practices in Lamjung District Community Hospital, Nepal. (2019). M. Aryal, S. Adhikary, V. Aryal, R. Adhikari

Calcium alginate entrapped Eupatorium adenophorum Sprengel stems powder for chromium(VI) biosorption in aqueous mediums. (2019). M. Aryal

Mahendra Aryal | Bioremediation Award | Best Researcher Award

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