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Dr. William Odiete | Environmental Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Lecturer 1, Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria

Dr. William Odiete, a distinguished Environmental Engineering lecturer at Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria, has been honored with the prestigious Best Researcher Award. 🏆 His groundbreaking contributions in environmental engineering have significantly advanced the field, addressing critical challenges such as pollution mitigation and sustainable resource management. Dr. Odiete’s innovative research methodologies and insightful analyses have garnered international recognition, establishing him as a leading authority in his field. His commitment to excellence in academia and dedication to environmental stewardship inspire both colleagues and students alike. This accolade reaffirms his impactful contributions to the scientific community and underscores his unwavering pursuit of environmental sustainability.




Dr. William Odiete’s illustrious academic journey reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence across multiple disciplines. 📚 With a diverse educational background spanning from Industrial Chemistry to Environmental and Petroleum Engineering, he has acquired a breadth of knowledge unparalleled in his field. His academic achievements include a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and advanced degrees in Petroleum and Chemical Engineering from esteemed institutions such as the University of Port Harcourt and Rivers State University. Dr. Odiete’s educational milestones underscore his dedication to mastering various facets of engineering, positioning him as a versatile and highly accomplished researcher and educator in the environmental and petroleum sectors.

Work Experience

Dr. William Odiete’s professional journey is marked by a rich tapestry of experience in the oil and gas industry, academia, and community engagement. 🛢️ Starting as a Laboratory Engineer at Schlumberger Nigeria Ltd., he specialized in cementing fluids, acidizing, and fracturing fluid designs for oil and gas wells. Over the years, he progressed to managerial roles, including General Support Engineer, where he oversaw operations and interfaced with key stakeholders. Later, as Community & Government Affairs Manager, he fostered positive relations between Schlumberger, local communities, and government entities. Transitioning to entrepreneurship, he successfully managed his fuel station before dedicating himself to academia as a Lecturer in Petroleum Engineering at Delta State University.

Research Focus

Dr. William Odiete’s research focus spans a wide array of topics within the realm of environmental engineering, petroleum engineering, and related fields. His work encompasses innovative designs for conventional oil-water separators, including novel metrics for managing pollution and protecting the environment. Additionally, he delves into the development of new technologies for wellbore temperature control, aiming to prevent failures and enhance performance in high-pressure, high-temperature wells. Furthermore, his contributions extend to modeling the rheological properties of cement slurries and drilling fluids, facilitating mud and cementing job designs for improved operations in the oil and gas industry. Through his diverse research endeavors, Dr. Odiete demonstrates a commitment to advancing technologies that promote environmental protection and enhance industrial processes.

Publications Top Notes

  • Publication Title: Novel pollution prevention process for regulating industrial wastewater for better protection of the environment and public health.
    • Year: 2024
    • Journal: Heliyon-Journal-Elsevier
    • Volume: 10(3)
    • DOI: Link
  • Publication Title: New wellbore temperature control design for preventing failure and poor performance of logging tools in high pressure-high temperature wells.
    • Year: 2022
    • Journal: Heliyon-Journal-Elsevier
    • Volume: 8(5)
    • DOI: Link
  • Publication Title: Novel metric for managing the protection of humanity and the environment against pollution and its adverse effects.
    • Year: 2020
    • Journal: Heliyon-Journal-Elsevier
    • Volume: 6(11)
    • DOI: Link
  • Publication Title: Novel design methods for conventional oil-water separators.
    • Year: 2019
    • Journal: Heliyon-Journal-Elsevier
    • Volume: 5(5)
    • DOI: Link
  • Publication Title: Residence time versus aspect ratio of conventional oil/water separators.
    • Year: 2016
    • Journal: International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology
    • Volume: 32(1)
    • Pages: 16 – 18
  • Publication Title: Effect of aspect ratio on the oil separation efficiency of conventional oil-water separators.
    • Year: 2016
    • Journal: International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research
    • Volume: 7(3)
    • Pages: 840 – 847
  • Publication Title: Effect of aspect ratio on the suspended solids separation efficiency of conventional oil-water separators.
    • Year: 2016
    • Journal: International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research
    • Volume: 7(3)
    • Pages: 128 – 135
  • Publication Title: Modelling the flow behavior of cement slurry with temperature.
    • Year: 2015
    • Journal: International Journal of Current Science
    • Volume: 14(E)
    • Pages: 70 – 73
  • Publication Title: Facilitating Mud Design, Cementing Job Design and the Entire Drilling Operations by Modelling the Rheological Properties of Water-based Mud and Oil-based Mud with Temperature.
    • Year: 2023
    • Journal: International Journal of Engineering Science Technologies
    • Volume: 7(4)
    • Pages: 19 – 25
William Odiete | Environmental Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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