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Mr. Tesfaye Lishan | Soil | Best Researcher Award

Lecturer and Researcher,Β Mizan Tepi University,Β Ethiopia

Mr. Tesfaye Lishan, an esteemed Lecturer and Researcher at Mizan Tepi University in Ethiopia, has been honored with the prestigious Best Researcher Award in the field of Soil Science 🌱. His groundbreaking contributions to the understanding of soil properties and their impact on agriculture have garnered widespread recognition. Through his diligent research efforts, Mr. Lishan has not only advanced the academic discourse but also provided invaluable insights for sustainable agricultural practices in Ethiopia and beyond. This accolade underscores his dedication to scientific inquiry and his commitment to addressing critical environmental challenges. Congratulations to Mr. Tesfaye Lishan for this well-deserved recognition! πŸ†




Mr. Tesfaye Lishan pursued his academic journey at the esteemed University of Gondar, a renowned public institution in Ethiopia. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree (BSc) in Natural Resource Management, graduating in July 2018 πŸŽ“. Continuing his quest for knowledge, he furthered his education at the same institution, attaining a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in Land Resource Management and Environmental Protection. His dedication to environmental studies and sustainable land use practices is evident through his academic pursuits at University of Gondar. This institution provided the fertile ground for his intellectual growth and prepared him for impactful contributions in his field. 🌍

Language Skills

Mr. Tesfaye Lishan demonstrates remarkable proficiency across multiple languages and communication skills. In English, he boasts very good proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, facilitating effective communication in diverse settings 🌐. Additionally, his fluency in Amharic and Oromiffa is excellent across all aspects, showcasing his adeptness in these languages πŸ—£οΈ. Such linguistic versatility enables him to engage with a wide range of audiences and contribute meaningfully to cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration. Mr. Lishan’s strong language skills, combined with his expertise in environmental sciences, equip him to communicate effectively and drive positive change within his community and beyond. πŸ“š

Professional Experience

Mr. Tesfaye Lishan serves as a dedicated Lecturer at Mizan-Tepi University, a prestigious public institution nestled in Mizan Teferi, SNNP, Ethiopia 🏫. In his role, he fulfills a multifaceted mission, engaging in teaching, nurturing the next generation of scholars, and fostering a culture of academic inquiry πŸ“š. Beyond the classroom, Mr. Lishan actively contributes to the university’s research endeavors, striving to expand knowledge boundaries and address pressing societal challenges. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in organizing projects, leveraging his expertise to orchestrate initiatives that contribute to the university’s academic and developmental objectives. Through his commitment and leadership, Mr. Tesfaye Lishan enriches the academic landscape at Mizan-Tepi University. 🌱

Special Skills

Mr. Tesfaye Lishan exhibits a diverse skill set tailored for both academic and professional endeavors. With extensive proficiency in spreadsheet management, PowerPoint presentations, and Microsoft Word, he seamlessly integrates technology into his work processes πŸ’». Moreover, his adeptness extends to statistical software such as SAS and GEN STAT, enhancing his analytical capabilities πŸ“Š. Mr. Lishan excels in managing priorities and meeting deadlines, showcasing exceptional organizational skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving. His creative mindset fosters innovative solutions to challenges encountered in research and beyond 🌟. Additionally, his flexibility, coupled with excellent interpersonal skills, enriches collaborative environments, while his hands-on experience in experimental research underscores his practical knowledge and expertise. πŸ§ͺ

Publications Top Notes

🌱 “The Response of Haricot Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to Integrated Use of Phosphorus and Manure, Eastern Ethiopia” (2023) – Tesfaye Lishan*, Gebreyohannes Girmay, Kassa Teka, Teshale Tadesse

🌿 “Effects of Bio-Fertiliser and Inter-Row Spacing on Yield and Yield Components of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) in Southwestern Ethiopia” (2022) – Tesfaye Lishan, Worku Alemu, Wondwosen Wondimu, Getachew Mekonnen

🏞️ “Changes in Soil Properties Attributable to Land-Use Variation in Southwestern Ethiopia” (2022) – Tesfaye Lishan*, Abu Regasa

🌾 “Soil Properties Influenced by Integrated Use of Farmyard Manure and NPSB Fertilizer in Guraferda and Bachuma Districts, Southwestern Ethiopia” (2023) – Tesfaye Lishan*, Fessha Alemu

🌍 “A Comparative Analysis of Morphophysicochemical Properties of Soils of Ifa Galano Micro-watershed, Southwest Ethiopia” (2023) – Abu Regasa*, Tesfaye Lishan

🌿 “Elucidating Sole Application of Farmyard Manure and Blended NPSB Fertilizer Effects on Soil Properties at Bench Shako and West Omo Zone, Southwest Ethiopia” (2023) – Tesfaye Lishan*, Fessha Alemu

πŸ“š “Review on Effectiveness of Exclosure for Degraded Soil Restoration in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia” (2023) – Tesfaye Lishan

🌾 “Managing Integrated NPSB Fertilizers and Farmyard Manure to Improve Sesame (Sesamum Indicum L.) Yield in Guraferda Districts, Southwest Ethiopia” (2023/24) – Fessha Alemu, Tesfaye Lishan*


Tesfaye Lishan | Soil | Best Researcher Award

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