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Dr. CHAFIAA SERIR | Energy | Best Research Article Award

Teacher, University of Bejaia, Faculty of Technology, LTII Bejaia Laboratory, Algeria

Chafiaa Serir is affiliated with the University of Bejaia and possesses a verified email address at univ-bejaia.dz. 📧 As an academic at the University of Bejaia, Chafiaa Serir likely engages in research, teaching, or other scholarly activities related to their field of expertise. Their verified email suggests a professional presence and potential involvement in academic communication and collaboration. For more information or inquiries regarding Chafiaa Serir’s work or academic pursuits, reaching out via the provided email address would be a suitable means of contact.


From 2010 to June 2017, Chafiaa Serir served as a part-time teacher at Abderrahmane Mira University in Bejaïa, contributing to the academic community through teaching responsibilities. 📚 Since October 2, 2017, they have continued their academic journey as a permanent teacher at Abderrahmane Mira University of Bejaïa, demonstrating a commitment to education and knowledge dissemination. 👩‍🏫 Their transition to a permanent teaching position indicates a deepening engagement with their field and a dedication to nurturing the next generation of scholars. Chafiaa Serir’s tenure reflects their ongoing dedication to academic excellence and student development.

Publications at communications

📚 Chafiaa Serir has made significant contributions to the academic community with a total of 6 articles published in category A and B scientific journals indexed by Thomson Reuters. These articles reflect her expertise and research excellence in her field. Additionally, she has presented her research findings at numerous international conferences, with a total of 20 communications, as well as at 5 national conferences. Through these publications and presentations, Chafiaa Serir has demonstrated her commitment to advancing knowledge and contributing to scholarly discourse in her area of expertise. 🌟


🏭 Since 2011, Chafiaa Serir has been an integral member of the Industrial Technology and Information Laboratory “LTII” (TAMAYOUZ). Her longstanding commitment to the laboratory reflects her dedication to research and innovation in the field of industrial technology and information. As a member of LTII, Chafiaa Serir has actively contributed to various projects, leveraging her expertise to drive advancements in technology and information systems. Through her continued involvement, she has demonstrated a passion for collaborative research and a commitment to excellence in academia and industry. Chafiaa’s contributions have undoubtedly enriched the work of the laboratory and its impact in the field. 🌟

Publications Top Notes

  1. 2015:
    • Title: Control of photovoltaic water pumping system
    • Authors: C Serir, D Rekioua
    • Journal: J Electr Eng
    • Volume: 15
    • Issue: 2
    • Pages: 339-344
  2. 2016:
    • Title: Supervisor control and optimization of multi-sources pumping system with battery storage
    • Authors: C Serir, D Rekioua, N Mezzai, S Bacha
    • Journal: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
    • Volume: 41
    • Issue: 45
    • Pages: 20974-20986
  3. 2019:
    • Title: Optimization of a photovoltaic pumping system by applying fuzzy control type-1 with adaptive gain
    • Authors: S Bensmail, D Rekioua, C Serir
    • Book: Renewable Energy for Smart and Sustainable Cities: Artificial Intelligence …
    • Chapter: 4
    • Title: Control by fuzzy logic with adaptive gain of a photovoltaic pumping system
    • Authors: C Serir, D Rekioua, S Bensmail, K Tadjine, S Taguelmimt
    • Conference: 1st International Conference on Sustainable Renewable Energy Systems …
  4. 2022:
    • Title: Electrification of a load by a hybrid photovoltaic-wind system with battery storage
    • Authors: C Serir, D Rekioua, S Bensmail, A Belkaid, K Tadjine, S Hadji, I Colak
    • Conference: 11th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and …
CHAFIAA SERIR | Energy | Best Research Article Award

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