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Dr. Omid Norouzisafsari | Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) | Best Researcher Award

Senior R&D and IP Manager, Anaergia Inc., Canada

Congratulations to Dr. Omid Norouzisafsari for receiving the Best Researcher Award in Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)! 🏆 As the Senior R&D and IP Manager at Anaergia Inc. in Canada, Dr. Norouzisafsari has demonstrated exceptional dedication and expertise in advancing RNG technologies. His contributions have played a significant role in promoting sustainability and innovation within the renewable energy sector. With a keen focus on research and development, Dr. Norouzisafsari continues to pave the way for the utilization of RNG as a viable alternative energy source, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.



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🎓 Dr. Omid Norouzisafsari’s academic journey reflects a commitment to excellence in engineering and chemistry. He obtained his Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Guelph, Canada, under the guidance of Prof. Animesh Dutta, focusing on advancing renewable energy technologies. Prior to this, he earned another Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Perugia, Italy, supervised by Prof. Francesco Di Maria, enhancing his expertise in sustainable manufacturing processes. His educational background also includes a Master of Science in Applied Chemistry from the University of Tehran, Iran, and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry from the University of Guilan, Iran. Dr. Norouzisafsari’s diverse academic pursuits lay a solid foundation for his impactful contributions to the field of renewable energy. 🌱

Work History

👨‍🔬 Dr. Omid Norouzisafsari’s professional journey showcases a wealth of expertise across various roles and locations. Currently serving as a Senior R&D Specialist and IP Manager at Anaergia Inc. in Burlington, ON, he spearheads innovative projects in renewable energy. Concurrently, he shares his knowledge as an Adjunct Professor at Bu-Ali Sina University’s Department of Applied Chemistry, contributing remotely from Hamedan, Iran. His dedication to research extends to his role as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Guelph in Ontario. Previously, Dr. Norouzisafsari held positions such as Finance Officer at CUPE Local 3913 and Lab Manager at Prof. Animesh Dutta’s Bio Renewable Innovation Lab (BRIL). His international experience includes roles in Italy and collaborations with institutions like Politecnico Di Torino. 🌍


Dr. Omid Norouzisafsari’s research endeavors encompass the development and demonstration of cutting-edge technologies for organic processing within regulated mixed anaerobic digestion facilities (RMADF). His work focuses on integrating, scaling up, and optimizing anaerobic digestion processes, biological CO2 methanation, and water electrolysis to identify conditions conducive to profitability. Additionally, he contributes to projects such as the Elora Anaerobic Digestion Demonstration and Research Facility, aiming to enhance sustainable fertilizer production through Anaergia Nutrients. Dr. Norouzisafsari’s efforts extend to maximizing biogas yield from Ontario crop residue via prefermentation and recuperative units, ultimately optimizing benefits for farmers while advancing renewable energy solutions.

Publications Top Notes

“Review of biochar role as additive in anaerobic digestion processes” – 2020 – 183 citations

“Promotion of hydrogen-rich gas and phenolic-rich bio-oil production from green macroalgae Cladophora glomerata via pyrolysis over its bio-char” – 2016 – 127 citations

“Hydrothermal gasification performance of Enteromorpha intestinalis as an algal biomass for hydrogen-rich gas production using Ru promoted Fe–Ni/γ-Al2O3 nanocatalysts” – 2017 – 126 citations

“Synthesis of a novel interconnected 3D pore network algal biochar constituting iron nanoparticles derived from a harmful marine biomass as high-performance asymmetric…” – 2018 – 124 citations

“Study of micro/macro ordered porous carbon with olive-shaped structure derived from Cladophora glomerata macroalgae as efficient working electrodes of supercapacitors” – 2017 – 104 citations

“Hydrothermal gasification of Cladophora glomerata macroalgae over its hydrochar as a catalyst for hydrogen-rich gas production” – 2016 – 102 citations

“A state-of-the-art review on algae pyrolysis for bioenergy and biochar production” – 2022 – 85 citations




Omid Norouzisafsari | Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) | Best Researcher Award

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