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Assist Prof Dr. Grazia Leonzio | process engineering | Best Researcher Award

Researcher RTDB, University of Cagliari, Italy

🌟 Assisting Prof. Dr. Grazia Leonzio, an eminent figure in process engineering, has been honored with the prestigious Best Researcher Award. Hailing from the renowned RTDB at the University of Cagliari, Italy, Dr. Leonzio epitomizes excellence in her field. Her contributions span a wide spectrum of research endeavors, encompassing innovative approaches and cutting-edge methodologies. With unwavering dedication and a keen intellect, she has significantly advanced the frontier of process engineering, earning accolades and recognition from peers worldwide. This esteemed award serves as a testament to her outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge in her domain. Congratulations to Dr. Leonzio on this well-deserved honor! 🎉



 Scientific Qualification

🌟 Within Sector 09/D2 Systems, Methods, and Technologies of Chemical and Process Engineering, Dr. Grazia Leonzio achieved the esteemed position of Associate Professor at Band II on June 10, 2021. Demonstrating unparalleled expertise and dedication, she continued her remarkable journey in Sector 09/D3 Chemical Plant and Industrial Process, earning the Band II Associate Professor designation on October 16, 2023. These milestones underscore Dr. Leonzio’s profound impact and leadership in advancing knowledge and innovation within the realm of chemical engineering. Her contributions undoubtedly enrich the academic landscape and inspire future generations of researchers. Congratulations to Dr. Leonzio on these significant achievements! 🎓

Working experience

🌟 Since October 31, 2022, Dr. Grazia Leonzio has served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Cagliari, specializing in the Department of Mechanical, Chemical, and Material Engineering. In this role, she passionately engages in both research and teaching activities, shaping the minds of aspiring engineers while pushing the boundaries of knowledge in her field. Concurrently, from November 14, 2022, Dr. Leonzio embarked on a visiting researcher position at Imperial College London, contributing her expertise to the Department of Chemical Engineering. Her dedication to research transcends borders, fostering collaborations and enriching academic environments. Kudos to Dr. Leonzio for her multifaceted contributions! 🎓


🌟 Dr. Grazia Leonzio’s academic journey is marked by remarkable achievements. She attained her Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from L’Aquila University with the highest honors, receiving a grade of 110/110 cum laude and encomium, on July 19, 2013. Building upon this foundation, she earned her qualification for the profession of engineer from the same university in July 2016. Her pursuit of knowledge continued as she completed a European PhD in Chemical Engineering at L’Aquila University on July 22, 2020. These milestones reflect Dr. Leonzio’s steadfast dedication to academic excellence and her relentless pursuit of expertise in her field. Congratulations on these remarkable accomplishments! 🎓

Publications Top Notes

“Towards ethylene production from carbon dioxide: Economic and global warming potential assessment”
Authors: Leonzio, G., Chachuat, B., Shah, N.
Journal: Sustainable Production and Consumption
Year: 2023
Citations: 1

“Comparative techno-economic and life-cycle analysis of precious versus non-precious metal electrocatalysts: the case of PEM fuel cell cathodes”
Authors: Pedersen, A., Pandya, J., Leonzio, G., … Petit, C., Chachuat, B.
Journal: Green Chemistry
Year: 2023
Citations: 1

“Multi-objective optimization of CCUS supply chains for European countries with higher carbon dioxide emissions”
Authors: Leonzio, G., Foscolo, P.U., Zondervan, E.
Journal: Physical Sciences Reviews
Year: 2023
Citations: 1

“Supply chain optimization framework for CO2 capture, utilization, and storage in Germany”
Authors: Nguyen, T.B.H., Leonzio, G., Zondervan, E.
Journal: Physical Sciences Reviews
Year: 2023
Citations: 1




Grazia Leonzio | Process engineering | Best Researcher Award

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