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Dr. Dillip Mishra | Electrical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Postdoctoral Fellow, Clemson University, United States

Dr. Dillip Mishra, a distinguished researcher in Electrical Engineering, has been honored with the prestigious Best Researcher Award for his outstanding contributions to the field. 🏆 Currently serving as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Clemson University in the United States, Dr. Mishra has demonstrated exceptional expertise in his research endeavors. His innovative work encompasses cutting-edge advancements in electrical engineering, addressing critical challenges and pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the field. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for discovery, Dr. Mishra continues to inspire fellow researchers and students alike, shaping the future of electrical engineering. 🌟


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Employment History

Dr. Dillip Mishra, a versatile researcher in automotive and electrical engineering, has a rich academic and industry background spanning across multiple continents. 🌏 As a Postdoctoral Fellow at Clemson University’s Department of Automotive Engineering since 2023, he brings a wealth of experience from his previous roles. From serving as a Power System Research Assistant at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, to contributing as a Guest Faculty at IIIT Bhubaneswar, India, Dr. Mishra has left an indelible mark in academia. His industry stints, including a research internship at STAHL Metall Engg, Australia, and a role as a Junior Engineer at TATA Projects Ltd, India, reflect his practical expertise and dedication to advancing engineering solutions. 🚗⚡


Dr. Dillip Mishra’s academic journey reflects a steadfast commitment to excellence in electrical engineering, culminating in a Ph.D. from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, in 2023. 🎓 Prior to this, he earned a Master of Technology (Hons.) in Energy System from OUTR, Odisha, India, in 2017, where his passion for energy systems began to flourish. Driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to innovate, he laid the foundation for his academic pursuits with a Bachelor of Technology (Hons.) in Electrical Engineering from BPUT, Odisha, India, in 2012. His academic achievements underscore his dedication to advancing the field of electrical engineering. ⚡📚

Area Of Interest

Dr. Dillip Mishra’s research interests encompass a diverse range of cutting-edge topics at the forefront of electrical engineering. With a focus on renewable energy and micro-grid systems, he delves into pioneering solutions that promote sustainability and energy independence. 💡 His work also delves into enhancing power system resiliency, crucial in the face of increasing environmental uncertainties. Dr. Mishra is deeply involved in advancing energy storage technologies, vital for storing renewable energy efficiently. Additionally, his research extends to electric vehicle integration, smart grid technologies, and transactive energy systems, reflecting his commitment to shaping the future of energy generation, distribution, and utilization. 🌱🔋🚗

Publications Top Notes

“PSO-GWO Optimized Fractional Order PID Based Hybrid Shunt Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvements” – 2020, 134 citations

“A review on resilience studies in active distribution systems” – 2021, 128 citations

“A review on solid-state transformer: A breakthrough technology for future smart distribution grids” – 2021, 63 citations

“Active distribution system resilience quantification and enhancement through multi-microgrid and mobile energy storage” – 2022, 35 citations

“Resilient control based frequency regulation scheme of isolated microgrids considering cyber attack and parameter uncertainties” – 2022, 24 citations

“Modelling & simulation of a PV based micro grid for enhanced stability” – 2017, 23 citations

“Advanced wavelet transform based shunt hybrid active filter in PV integrated power distribution system for power quality enhancement” – 2020, 15 citations

“Performance Enhancement of AGC under open market scenario using TDOFPID and IPFC controller” – 2018, 14 citations

“Application of Small-Scale Compressed Air Energy Storage in the Daily Operation of an Active Distribution System” – 2021, 13 citations

“Reactive power compensation in a stand-alone wind-diesel-tidal hybrid system by a fuzzy logic based UPFC” – 2015, 13 citations




Dillip Mishra | Electrical Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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