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Dr. Maha Deeb | Soil science | Best Researcher Award

Researcher, HEPIA, Switzerland

🌱 Dr. Maha Deeb, a distinguished researcher in Soil Science, has been honored with the prestigious Best Researcher Award for her groundbreaking contributions. Hailing from HEPIA in Switzerland, Dr. Deeb’s work stands at the forefront of understanding soil ecosystems, their dynamics, and implications for sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. Her innovative approaches and meticulous research methodologies have garnered international acclaim, setting new standards in the field. With a passion for unraveling the complexities of soil composition and its interactions with the environment, Dr. Deeb continues to inspire fellow researchers and nurture a deeper understanding of our planet’s vital resources.


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Academic Qualification

🌿 Dr. Maha Deeb is a distinguished scholar with a rich academic background in environmental sciences. She completed her PhD, titled “Influence of plants, earthworms, and organic matter on structure of constructed Technosols,” at Paris-Est Créteil University (UPEC), France, from 2012 to 2015. Prior to her doctoral studies, she attained a Master’s degree in Sustainable Development Engineering with a specialty in Anthropized Environments from Lorraine University, France. Her journey in academia began with a degree in Agronomy, specializing in pedogenesis, from the Faculty of Agronomy at Euphrates University, Syria, where she graduated as the valedictorian. Dr. Deeb’s academic pursuits commenced with a Bachelor of Sciences from Rakka, Syria, reflecting her enduring dedication to environmental research and sustainability. 🎓

Professional Experience

🌱 Dr. Maha Deeb’s diverse professional journey spans across continents, reflecting her dedication to soil science and environmental research. Currently serving as a Researcher at Soils and Substrates, HEPIA, HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland in Geneva, she brings invaluable expertise to the field. Previously, she held pivotal roles such as Project Manager at Microhumus in Nancy, France, focusing on phytoremediation and site restorations. Dr. Deeb’s academic engagements include teaching at prestigious institutions like RUDN University in Russia and Lorraine University in France. Her extensive experience also includes postdoctoral positions in New York, USA, where she contributed to green infrastructure projects. From mentoring students to teaching practical classes, her passion for nurturing future environmental stewards shines through. 🌍


🌱 Dr. Maha Deeb actively engages in a myriad of activities that underscore her commitment to advancing soil science and environmental stewardship. She serves as a Guest Editor for the special issue “Smart Cities, toward Mitigating Climate Change, Preventing Soil Contamination, and Improving Soil Treatment,” showcasing her leadership in addressing pressing global challenges. As a member of esteemed organizations such as the Soil Science Society of America and the French Association for Soils Study, she contributes her expertise and insights to furthering research and collaboration. Dr. Deeb’s role as a Research Coordinator at the Urban Soil Institute in New York highlights her dedication to promoting understanding and sustainable management of urban soils. Her active participation in organizing symposiums and workshops demonstrates her passion for knowledge dissemination and community engagement in soil-related issues. 🌍


🌱 Dr. Maha Deeb possesses extensive expertise in pedology and soil analysis, encompassing chemical, physical, and biological aspects, along with proficiency in organic matter amendments and assessing microorganism diversity and activity. Her skill set extends to land description and hydro-structural analysis, augmented by her familiarity with American, Russian, and French soil classification systems. Additionally, she holds a Computer ICDL Diploma and exhibits advanced proficiency in various statistical and programming tools, including R, Sigma Plot, ExcelStat, Microsoft Office, VB, and C++. Fluent in English, French, and Arabic, Dr. Deeb’s multicultural experiences enrich her ability to communicate effectively and conduct research in diverse linguistic contexts. 🌍

Publications Top Notes

“The urgency of building soils for Middle Eastern and North African countries: Economic, environmental, and health solutions” (2024)

“Prediction of bioaccessible lead in urban and suburban soils with Vis-NIR diffuse reflectance spectroscopy” (2022)

“Legacy Lead in Urban Garden Soils: Communicating Risk and Limiting Exposure” (2022)

“Long-term effect of sugarcane residue management and chemical fertilization on soil physical properties in South Africa” (2021)

“Fine-Scale Soil Heterogeneity at an Urban Site: Implications for Forest Restoration” (2021)

“Using constructed soils for green infrastructure – challenges and limitations” (2020)

“Green Infrastructure Design Influences Communities of Urban Soil Bacteria” (2019)

Soil and microbial properties of green infrastructure stormwater management systems” (2018)

“Accumulation of arsenic and lead in garden-grown vegetables: Factors and mitigation strategies” (2018)

“Variability of Bioaccessible Lead in Urban Garden Soils” (2018)

“Constructed soils for mitigating lead (Pb) exposure and promoting urban community gardening: The New York City Clean Soil Bank pilot study” (2018)

Maha Deeb | Soil science | Best Researcher Award

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