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Ms. Vishnu Dharssini A C | Smart grid | Best Researcher Award

Research Scholar, Thiagarajar College of Engineering, India

A.C. Vishnu Dharssini is a dedicated budding research scholar in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, recognized for innovative contributions to smart grid and renewable energy systems. His passion lies in integrating IoT and deep learning into energy management solutions.


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📚 Education:

A.C. Vishnu Dharssini pursued his academic journey in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, excelling in both theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

💼 Experience:

With a focus on Demand Side Management and renewable energy, A.C. Vishnu Dharssini has conducted extensive research, published in renowned journals, and presented at international conferences. He possesses proficiency in MATLAB, ETAP, and other simulation tools essential for his research.

🔬 Research Interests:

A.C. Vishnu Dharssini’s research interests include Smart Grid technologies, Renewable Energy Systems, and the application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning in energy pattern classification and prediction.

🏆 Award:

A.C. Vishnu Dharssini received the “International Young Scientist Award” for Best Researcher in June 2023, acknowledging his significant contributions to the field of Electrical Engineering and Energy Systems.

📄 Publications Top Notes:

Electric Power Components and Systems (2022)Energy pattern classification and prediction in an educational institution using deep learning framework (Cited by 5)

Energies (2023)Deployment of IoT-based smart demand-side management system with an enhanced degree of user comfort at an educational institution (Cited by 4)

Smart Buildings Digitalization (2022)Benefits of smart meters in institutional building–a case study (Cited by 2)

Vishnu Dharssini A C | Smart grid | Best Researcher Award

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