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Dr. Emma Mani Lopez | Microbiology and food preservation | Best Research Article Award 

Research assistant, University of the Americas Puebla, Mexico

Emma Mani Lopez, born on April 7, 1980, resides in San Juan Cuautlancingo, Cuautlancingo, Puebla. She can be reached via telephone at 22 22 26 89 40 or on her mobile at 22 21 33 83 00. For correspondence, Emma’s email is emma_ml@yahoo.com.mx. 🏠 Emma’s details reflect her grounded presence in Cuautlancingo, Puebla, where she remains accessible and connected. Whether through traditional phone calls or modern digital communication, Emma ensures she’s reachable to those who need to connect with her.

Studies Academics

Emma Mani Lopez is a distinguished scholar in the field of food sciences, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Engineering from the University of the Americas, Puebla (1998-2003), with the notable thesis on the conservation of watermelon juice using UVC irradiation. She furthered her studies with a Master’s in Food Science from the same institution (2003-2005), focusing on the viability and physicochemical properties of dairy products fermented with probiotics. Emma attained her Doctorate in Food Sciences from the Technological Institute of Veracruz (2006-2011), with a thesis on evaluating the production of reuterin and other metabolites in mixed bacterial cultures. 🎓 Emma’s academic journey reflects her commitment to advancing knowledge and innovation in food science.

Work Activities

As a dedicated research assistant at UDLAP, Emma Mani-López collaborates on diverse projects spanning the realms of food technology and nutrition. From optimizing cheese production processes to developing innovative powdered carbonated beverages, Emma’s expertise contributes to cutting-edge initiatives with industry leaders like Mondeléz International, Inc. and Mushrooms El Encimal MB SA de CV. Her involvement with Grupo Bimbo underscores her commitment to enhancing food quality and shelf life through advanced treatments and extracts. Emma’s multifaceted role extends to education, where she imparts knowledge in Master’s programs focusing on Healthy Gastronomy and Nutrition, embodying a passion for nourishing both minds and bodies. 🧪🍽️

Publications Top Notes

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“Plant-based milk alternatives: Types, processes, benefits, and characteristics” – 2023, cited 78 times

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Emma Mani Lopez | Microbiology and food preservation | Best Research Article Award

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