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Mr. Dhananjay Janorkar | Astrophysics and Science | Emerging Scientist Excellence Award

Researcher & Author, Shantaram Janorkar Foundation of Mathematics, MAHAN – 444 405, Tq. Barshitakli, Dist. Akola, Maharashtra State, India

Mr. Dhananjay Shantaram Janorkar, a renowned mathematician and researcher, is the Founder President of the Shantaram Janorkar Foundation of Mathematics. With significant contributions to mathematics, astrophysics, and science, his work has been incorporated into the curriculum of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University. Mr. Janorkar has developed over 400 new formulas providing precise and rational solutions. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Shantaram Janorkar Foundation of Mathematics, Science & Spiritual (IJSJFMSS) and a member of the American Mathematical Society.


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Education 🎓

Mr. Janorkar has made substantial educational contributions, particularly at Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati, where his researched concepts and applications are included in the Master of Science (Mathematics) curriculum. This integration is a testament to his commitment to enhancing mathematical education and fostering academic growth.

Experience 💼

Mr. Janorkar’s experience spans various roles, including author, researcher, and publisher. He has developed and published numerous new concepts and applications in mathematics, astrophysics, and science. His extensive work is reflected in the numerous textbooks and reference books he has authored, which are used in academic curricula.

Research Interest 🔬

Mr. Janorkar’s research interests are diverse, encompassing mathematics, astrophysics, and science. His work includes developing new theories and formulas, such as the Arc Radius and Goba Verification. His innovative approaches provide definite, complete, and rational answers, advancing these fields significantly.

Awards 🏆

Mr. Janorkar has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to science and education. He received the “Researcher Award 2024” and the “Outstanding Scientist Award 2024” for his pioneering work in mathematics and astrophysics. His achievements highlight his influence and impact in these disciplines.

Publications Top Notes 📚

Mr. Janorkar has an extensive list of publications, including research papers and books in both English and Marathi. His notable works include:

  1. The Establishment of Shantaram Janorkar Foundation of Mathematics to Create a New History in Mathematics, Science, Philosophy & Spiritual – Cited by various scholars.
  2. A Personality called Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar – Recognized in academic circles.
  3. To do Research on the Research Done by Shantaram Bapurao Janorkar – Collaborative research expected from global institutions.
  4. The Self – Proving Theorem of Goba and its Explanation on the Basis of a Formula – A significant contribution to mathematical theorems.
  5. Point – The Theorem of Existence of Point and its Aspect – Widely referenced in geometric research.
  6. E=Mm2 Which means Energy = Mass x (Speed of Mass)² – An innovative approach to astrophysics.
  7. The Distance between Shining Lightening as well as Thundering Cloud and the Earth – Important in atmospheric studies.
  8. The Theorem of the Formula for the Explanation for the Creation of the Cosmos in the Large Hadron Collider Machine – Influential in cosmology.
  9. The Theorem of the Extent of the Solar Systems – Key in understanding solar system dynamics.
  10. The Theorem of the Formula of Arc Radius – A fundamental geometric principle.
Dhananjay Janorkar | Astrophysics and Science | Emerging Scientist Excellence Award

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