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Prof. Djamila Rekioua | Renewable energies | Best Researcher Award

Professor, University of Bejaia, Algeria

🎓 REKIOUA, born ZIANI Djamila on September 4, 1963, in Algiers, Algeria, is affiliated with the University of Bejaia, Faculty of Technology. Her professional address is located at 06000 Bejaia, Algeria. With a rich background in academia, REKIOUA contributes significantly to the academic landscape, particularly in the field of technology. Her dedication to education and research exemplifies her commitment to advancing knowledge and nurturing future generations of professionals. Through her work, she continues to make meaningful contributions to her field and inspire others in the pursuit of excellence.






h-index (scopus): 36
CitationScopus: 3616
D-index: 30
h-index(google scholar):41
CitationGoogle scholar:5841


📚 REKIOUA excels in teaching diverse subjects including “Dimensionnement des systèmes à énergies renouvelables,” “Commande des machines électriques,” “Introduction aux énergies renouvelables,” and “Systèmes multi sources à énergies renouvelables.” Additionally, she has played a pivotal role in creating new masters programs, serving as a leader in specialty and master’s degree programs. Her contributions extend beyond teaching to encompass the development of various educational resources and materials. Through her efforts, REKIOUA continues to enrich the academic landscape, preparing students for careers in renewable energy and related fields with innovation and dedication.

Areas of Interest

📘 With expertise spanning “Commande des machines électriques,” “Identification et modélisation des machines électriques,” “Production de l’énergie électrique,” and more, REKIOUA’s research portfolio encompasses 72 publications, including 46 indexed communications, 17 book chapters, and 5 editorials. Her extensive contributions extend to the realm of academia with 4 authored books. Focusing on renewable energy systems such as photovoltaic and wind systems, as well as fuel cells and multi-source renewable energy system management, REKIOUA’s work significantly impacts the field. Her dedication to advancing knowledge in electrical engineering and renewable energy is evident through her prolific publication record and scholarly endeavors. 🌟

Publications Top Notes

Optimization and intelligent power management control for an autonomous hybrid wind turbine photovoltaic diesel generator with batteries, Scientific Reports 13 (1), 21830, 2023 🌬️🌞🔋

Optimized Power Management Approach for Photovoltaic Systems with Hybrid Battery-Supercapacitor Storage, Sustainability 15 (19), 14066, 2023 🌞🔋

Energy Storage Systems for Photovoltaic and Wind Systems: A Review, Energies 16 (9), 3893, 2023 🌞🌬️🔋

Power Management Control of an Autonomous Photovoltaic/Wind Turbine/Battery System, Energies, 16(5), 2286, 2023 🌞🌬️🔋

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems: Optimization and Power Management Control, Ed. Springer, 2020 🌿🔋


Djamila Rekioua | Renewable energies | Best Researcher Award

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