Introduction of Agricultural and Biological Sciences

Agricultural and Biological Sciences encompass the study of living organisms and their interactions within the agricultural ecosystem. Research in this field seeks to enhance agricultural productivity, sustainable farming practices, and the understanding of biological processes critical for food security and environmental sustainability.

Crop Improvement and Genetics

Investigating genetic variations to enhance crop traits such as yield, disease resistance, and nutritional content, crucial for sustainable agriculture and food security.

Soil Health and Fertility Management

Exploring methods to improve soil quality, optimize nutrient cycles, and sustainably manage soil fertility for robust plant growth and productivity.

Crop Protection and Pest Management: Researching strategies to minimize crop losses by studying pest behavior, biological control methods, and integrated pest management techniques to ensure sustainable agricultural production.

Agroecology and Sustainable Farming Systems: Examining ecological principles to design farming systems that optimize productivity, minimize environmental impact, and enhance resource use efficiency for a sustainable and balanced ecosystem.

Climate Change and Agriculture: Investigating the impact of climate change on agriculture, including adaptation strategies, resilient crop varieties, and mitigation approaches to address the challenges posed by changing climate patterns and extreme weather events.



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Agricultural and Biological Sciences

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