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Introduction of Genetics and Molecular Biology

Genetics and Molecular Biology research delves into the study of genes, genetic variations, and the molecular mechanisms that dictate inheritance, gene expression, and biological functions. It provides critical insights into the basis of life, evolution, and the genetic underpinnings of diseases.

Genomic Sequencing and Analysis

Utilizing advanced sequencing technologies to decode complete genomes, enabling comprehensive analysis of genetic variations, mutations, and their association with diseases.

Gene Expression and Regulation

Investigating how genes are activated or repressed, and the regulatory mechanisms that control gene expression, crucial for understanding development, disease, and targeted therapeutics.

Molecular Genetics of Disease

Studying the molecular basis of genetic disorders, identifying disease-causing mutations, and developing targeted treatments based on genetic insights to improve patient outcomes.

Epigenetics and Chromatin Biology

Understanding modifications to the DNA molecule and histone proteins, influencing gene expression without altering the underlying DNA sequence, and their role in development, disease, and evolution.

Population Genetics and Evolution

Analyzing genetic variations and their distribution within populations, providing insights into evolutionary processes, migration patterns, and susceptibility to diseases across different populations.

Genetics and Molecular Biology

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