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Introduction of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that integrates principles of chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, economics, and engineering to design, develop, and optimize processes for transforming raw materials into valuable products. It plays a vital role in industries ranging from energy and chemicals to pharmaceuticals and materials.

Process Design and Optimization

Developing and refining processes to efficiently convert raw materials into desired products while minimizing resource consumption, energy usage, and environmental impact.

Reaction Engineering

Investigating chemical reactions and their kinetics, reactor design, and optimization to enhance yields, selectivity, and efficiency in chemical and biochemical processes.

Transport Phenomena

Studying the movement of mass, energy, and momentum in various systems to optimize unit operations like heat exchangers, fluid flow, and mass transfer processes critical in chemical engineering.

Environmental Engineering and Sustainability

Addressing environmental challenges by designing processes that minimize pollution, waste, and resource depletion, promoting sustainable practices within chemical and related industries.

Materials and Polymer Engineering

Focusing on the design, synthesis, and properties of materials, especially polymers, to develop new materials with improved performance and applications in diverse fields such as packaging, automotive, and healthcare.

Chemical Engineering

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