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Assoc Prof Dr. Muhammad Faizan Nazar | Physical Chemistry | Best Researcher Award

Associate Professor, University of Education, Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Faizan Nazar, an accomplished academician and researcher, serves as the Coordinator and Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Division of Sciences & Technology, at the University of Education, Lahore (Multan Campus), Pakistan. With a strong emphasis on Physical Chemistry, his expertise lies in the fascinating realms of Colloids and Nanochemistry. 🧪 Driven by a passion for unraveling the mysteries at the molecular level, he has made substantial contributions to these fields. Beyond the academic sphere, Dr. Nazar, a dedicated family man, resides in Layyah with his spouse and three children, bringing a harmonious balance to both his personal and professional life. 🌐


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🌐 Dr. Faizan Nazar, a distinguished figure in colloid and interface science, boasts an impressive international reputation. With a prolific record of 125 research articles, his work has garnered 4070 citations, resulting in a notable h-index of 34 and a cumulative impact factor of 494.1. 📚 His academic journey includes supervising 4 Ph.D. and 26 MPhil students, contributing significantly to the academic growth of emerging scholars. 🎓 Dr. Nazar’s global influence extends to collaborative roles, including research at the University of Bristol, UK, and teaching stints at the University of Sargodha. Currently an Associate Professor and Coordinator at the University of Education, Lahore (Multan Campus), his commitment to advancing scientific knowledge remains unwavering.

Academic Qualifications

🏆 The Petroleum Innovation Award recognizes pioneers in Sustainable Petroleum Practices, celebrating Excellence in Oil Exploration and Advanced Petroleum Technologies. Future-focused, this award acknowledges leaders shaping the Future of Petroleum Engineering and those who excel in Oil and Gas exploration. The Petroleum Pioneer Award honors industry trailblazers, while the Petroleum Excellence Showcase highlights cutting-edge solutions in Oil Refining. Exceptional leadership is recognized through the Excellence in Gas Extraction category. The Petroleum Visionary Award and Innovation-driven Petroleum Solutions showcase sustainability and future trends, creating a platform for industry recognition. The Petroleum Impact Awards Gala celebrates excellence and leadership in the evolving landscape of petroleum practices. 🌍⛽


🎓 Driven by academic excellence, I earned the prestigious Indigenous Scholarship for my PhD studies (2007-2011) and further secured the IRSIP Scholarship (2009-2010) from HEC, Pakistan. Recognized for my prolific research contributions, I received the Research Productivity Award for consecutive years (2011-13) from the Pakistan Council for Science and Technology. In 2017, I achieved the First Position in Research Publication and the Third Position in Thomson Reuters Impact Factor @ Research Award at the University of Gujrat. Adding international acclaim, I delivered an Invited Lecture in Koblenz, Germany, supported by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology under COST Action ES1205 (Feb 16, 2016)

Field of Research

🔬 Exploring the realm of “Colloidal fluids (Microemulsions, Hydrogels, Micelles) as drug carriers and nanoreactors,” my research delves into the expansive applications of microfluids. These colloidal self-assembly fluids, acting as nanoreactors, play a pivotal role in advancing pharmaceuticals, clinical science, and nanotechnology. Their potential spans biomedicine, nanoelectronics, and catalysis, showcasing their versatility. On another front, my work in “Adsorption (wastewater treatment)” highlights the innovative and cost-effective nature of the adsorption process. Leveraging clays and organoclays, this approach offers a promising solution for wastewater treatment, combining performance with environmental friendliness. 🌐🧪

Publications Top Notes

  1. Role of Bioinorganic Metal Nanoparticles as Catalyst for the Treatment of Dyes Polluted Wastewater
    • Naseem, K., Aziz, A., Anwar, A., … Haider, S., Saeed Akhtar, M.
    • Inorganic Chemistry Communications, 2023, 157, 111370
  2. Effective CuO/CuS Heterostructures Catalyst for OER Performances
    • Khan, N.A., Ahmad, I., Rashid, N., … Hafiz urRehman, Nazar, M.F.
    • International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2023, 48(80), pp. 31142–31151
    • Cited by: 13
  3. Rapid Synthesis of Nickel–Iron-Oxide (NiFeOx) Solid-Solution Nano-Rods Thin Films on Nickel Foam as Advanced Electrocatalyst for Sustained Water Oxidation
    • Ehsan, M.A., Ullah, Z., Nazar, M.F., Younas, M., Hakeem, A.S.
    • Materials Today Sustainability, 2023, 23, 100451
    • Cited by: 4
  4. Occurrence and Risk Evaluation of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in Wastewater and Surface Water of Lahore, Pakistan
    • Ashfaq, M., Li, Y., Zubair, M., … Ashraf, H., Sun, Q.
    • Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 2023, 45(7), pp. 4837–4851
    • Cited by: 2
  5. Structurally Modulated D-π-D-A(Semiconductor) Anchoring Dyes to Enhance the Tunable NLO Response: A DFT/TDDFT Quest for New Photovoltaic Materials
    • Hassan, A.U., Sumrra, S.H., Zubair, M., … Nazar, M.F., Zafar, M.N.
    • Structural Chemistry, 2023, 34(3), pp. 1043–1060
    • Cited by: 17
Muhammad Faizan Nazar | Physical Chemistry | Best Researcher Award

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