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Yang-hsin Shih,  Environmental chemistry, Best Researcher Award

Professor at  National Taiwan University -Taiwan

👨‍🏫 Yang-hsin Shih stands as a distinguished academic and researcher in the domain of  Environmental chemistry. Holding Ph.D.  in Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering from (NTU) his professional journey exemplifies dedication and expertise. 📚

🌐 Professional Profiles

Academic Journey and Distinctions 📚🏅

Education and Professional Background

Professor Yang-hsin Shih is a distinguished academic at the Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University (NTU). His educational trajectory includes earning a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from NTU, further enriched by visiting studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and ETH Zürich, focusing on environmental dynamics and engineering. His academic career spans significant roles at NTU and National Chung Hsing University, showcasing an impressive blend of teaching, research, and professional experience.

Editorial Contributions and Academic Leadership

Professor Shih’s involvement extends beyond teaching; he plays influential roles on the editorial boards of esteemed journals like Polymers, PLOS ONE, and various others. He has also spearheaded the Taiwanese Journal of Agricultural Chemistry and Food Science and actively contributed to several other academic publications, showcasing his commitment to scholarly discourse and advancement.

Research Expertise and Recognitions:

Professor Shih’s research spectrum covers environmental organic chemistry, nanotechnology, biotechnology, soil remediation, contaminant kinetics, and innovative water treatment. His illustrious career is adorned with numerous awards, including recognitions from esteemed bodies like the Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan, Elsevier Scopus, and the International Association of Advanced Materials. Notably, his contributions have earned awards for exceptional research talent, best paper presentations, and poster exhibitions, solidifying his impact on environmental engineering and related fields.

🏅 Awards and Honors

Professor Yang-hsin Shih’s accolades and recognitions stand as a testament to his exceptional contributions and impact in the field of environmental science and engineering. His achievements include: Fellow of International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM), Reward for Exceptional Research Talent for Professors: Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan, 2016-2017, 2019-2020, Invited talk in the international conference of Interfaces against Pollution 2018, France, Advising students to win Best Oral Awards and Best Presentation Awards in various prestigious conferences and meetings, Best Poster and Paper Awards in several conferences and forums, including those hosted by agricultural chemistry societies, the Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering, and the International Conference on Emerging Contaminants, Elsevier Scopus Young Researcher Award in Environmental Science Field, 2014, Recognition as Who’s Who in the World from 2012 to 2020, Distinguished Young Teacher Award from National Chung Hsing University, 2008, Visiting Student Scholarship from Taiwan Ministry of Education, 2002, National Science Council Graduate Fellowship in multiple periods, Taiwan, R.O.C., Professional Engineering (P.E.) Licenses in Environmental Engineering and Industrial Safety in Taiwan,Thesis Award of Archilife Research Foundation,National Taiwan University Presidential Award

Vahid Esfahanian’s citation metrics and indices from Google Scholar are as follows:

📊 Citation Metrics (Google Scholar):

  • Cited by: All –4108, Since 2019– 2101
  • h-index: All – 36, Since 2019 –27
  • i10-index : All -77, Since 2019 -64

Top Noted Publications by Dr.Yang-hsin Shih 📚:

Stability of metal oxide nanoparticles in aqueous solutions

Paper Published in 2010 and Cited by 303

Reaction of decabrominated diphenyl ether by zerovalent iron nanoparticles

Paper Published in 2010 and Cited by 221

Reduction of hexachlorobenzene by nanoscale zero-valent iron: kinetics, pH effect, and degradation mechanism

Paper Published in 2011 and Cited by 210

Adsorption of selected volatile organic vapors on multiwall carbon nanotubes

Paper Published in 2008 and Cited by 182

Photolytic degradation of polybromodiphenyl ethers under UV-lamp and solar irradiations

Paper Published in 2009  and Cited by 146

Dechlorination of hexachlorobenzene by using nanoscale Fe and nanoscale Pd/Fe bimetallic particles

Paper Published in 2009 and Cited by 137

Pentachlorophenol reduction by Pd/Fe bimetallic nanoparticles: effects of copper, nickel, and ferric cations

Paper Published in 2011 and Cited by 129

Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of the antibiotic sulfamethoxazole using TiO2/Ti photoanode

Paper Published in 2016 and Cited by 127

Influence of water chemistry on the environmental behaviors of commercial ZnO nanoparticles in various water and wastewater samples

Paper Published in 2017 and Cited by 121

Rapid degradation of methyl orange with nanoscale zerovalent iron particles

Paper Published in 2010 and Cited by 103

Evaluating activated carbon− water sorption coefficients of organic compounds using a linear solvation energy relationship approach and sorbate chemical activities

Paper Published in 2009 and Cited by 102

Adsorption mechanism of emerging and conventional phenolic compounds on graphene oxide nanoflakes in water

Paper Published in 2018 and Cited by 94

Removal of trichloroethylene by zerovalent iron/activated carbon derived from agricultural wastes

Paper Published in 2018 and Cited by 92

Professor Yang-hsin Shih’s academic journey and prestigious recognitions underscore his significant contributions to environmental science and engineering, reflecting a relentless pursuit of excellence in research and academic leadership.

Yang-hsin Shih | Environmental chemistry | Best Researcher Award

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