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Prof. Ning Zhang | Dentistry | Best Researcher Award

Professor, Department of Orthodontics, School of Stomatology, Capital Medical University, Beijing, China

Dr. Ning Zhang is a distinguished professor in the Department of Orthodontics at Capital Medical University, School of Stomatology, located in Beijing, PR China. With an extensive career in dental research and education, Dr. Zhang has significantly contributed to the field of orthodontics. As the director of the Science and Technology department at the same institution, he oversees various innovative research projects and technological advancements in dentistry. His prolific academic career includes over 100 published papers in reputed journals, reflecting his commitment to advancing dental science.

Profile :

Dr. Ning Zhang ORCID Profile

Education 🎓

Dr. Zhang obtained his PhD from Capital Medical University, School of Dentistry, in 2011. Following his doctoral studies, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry in 2013. This rigorous academic background has provided him with a solid foundation in dental research and clinical practice, enabling him to contribute significantly to the field of orthodontics.

Experience 🏅

Dr. Zhang has held several key positions throughout his career. He currently serves as a professor and the director of the Science and Technology department at Capital Medical University’s School of Stomatology. His role involves leading research initiatives, mentoring students, and contributing to the academic community through his extensive publications. His experience includes over a decade of teaching, research, and clinical practice, making him a respected figure in orthodontics.

Research Interests 🔬

Dr. Zhang’s research interests are primarily focused on antibacterial, protein-repellent, and remineralization dental materials, as well as thermoplastic materials. His work aims to develop advanced dental materials that improve oral health outcomes and patient care. His research is driven by the need for innovative solutions in dental materials to combat common dental problems and enhance the effectiveness of orthodontic treatments.

Awards 🏆

Throughout his career, Dr. Zhang has been recognized for his contributions to dental research and education. His awards and honors reflect his dedication to the field and his impact on advancing dental science. These accolades highlight his role as a leading researcher and educator in orthodontics, acknowledging his efforts to improve dental materials and technologies.

Selected Publications:

  1. Ma, C., Hao, S., Yu, W., Xu, F., & Yang, J. (2024). “Compliant and breathable electrospun epidermal electrode towards artifact-free electrophysiological monitoring.” Chemical Engineering Journal, 490, 151118.
  2. Bian, C., Guo, Y., Zhu, M., Bai, Y., & Zhang, N. (2024). “New generation of orthodontic devices and materials with bioactive capacities to improve enamel demineralization.” Journal of Dentistry, 142, 104844.
  3. Bian, C., Bai, Y., & Zhang, N. (2024). “Adult female skeletal anterior open bite treated by customized lingual orthodontic appliance with miniscrews-assisted in vertical control for perfect orthodontic compensation: A case report with 5-year follow-up.” International Orthodontics, 22(1), 100820.
  4. Zhu, M., Yang, P., Bian, C., Bai, Y., & Zhang, N. (2024). “Convolutional neural network-assisted diagnosis of midpalatal suture maturation stage in cone-beam computed tomography.” Journal of Dentistry, 141, 104808.
  5. Zhao, Z., Sun, Y., Qiao, Q., Bai, Y., & Xu, H. (2023). “Calvaria defect regeneration via human periodontal ligament stem cells and prevascularized scaffolds in athymic rats.” Journal of Dentistry, 138, 104690.
Ning Zhang | Dentistry | Best Researcher Award

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