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Dr. Mostefa DJERMOUNI | Computational Material Physics | Best Researcher Award

Lecturer / Researcher, Mostefa DJERMOUNI, Computational Material Physics Laboratory( Lpcm), University Of Sidi Bel-abbès, Algeria


Congratulations to Dr. Mostefa DJERMOUNI, recipient of the Best Researcher Award! 🎉 Dr. DJERMOUNI, a Lecturer and Researcher at the Computational Material Physics Laboratory (LPCM), University of Sidi Bel-abbès, Algeria, has garnered recognition for his outstanding contributions to the field. His work in computational material physics has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of complex materials and their properties. Through innovative research and dedication, Dr. DJERMOUNI continues to push the boundaries of scientific knowledge, making significant strides in his field. His achievements serve as an inspiration to fellow researchers and students alike, driving progress in materials science.



Education Background 📚

Mostefa Djermouni’s academic journey reflects a dedication to advancing his knowledge in physics and materials science. He earned his Baccalauréat with a specialization in Sciences in 2000, followed by a Diplôme des Études Supérieurs in Solid State Physics from the University of Sidi Bel-Abbès in 2005. His academic pursuits continued with a Magister in Materials Science and Engineering, where he graduated as the top student with honors in 2009. Mostefa furthered his education by completing his Doctorate in Sciences in 2015, focusing on the electronic structure and magnetic properties of perovskite-type materials. In 2018, he achieved his Habilitation Universitaire, demonstrating his expertise and readiness for academic leadership roles.

Research Interests 🔬

Mostefa’s research interests revolve around theoretical investigations of materials, focusing on their electronic structure, magnetic properties, and potential applications in spintronics and optoelectronics. His work spans a wide range of materials, from perovskite-type compounds to rare earth diborides, and he employs advanced computational techniques to unravel their fundamental properties. Mostefa’s research aims to contribute to the understanding of material behavior and pave the way for the development of novel technologies.

Publications Top Notes 📖

“Theoretical investigations of hardness in hexaborides ReB6 (Re = La, Ce, Nd) compounds and their solid solutions” – Computational Materials Science, 2023

“Platinum nitride Pt4N compound: first principles investigations” – Indian J Phys, 2023

“Oxygen Nonstoichiometry as a Source of Ferromagnetism in GdCoO3: First-Principle Investigation” – SPIN, 2023

“Enhanced d0 ferromagnetism via carbon doping in rare-earth sesquioxides: DFT prediction” – Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 2022

“Spontaneous polarization study in A3+B4+(O2N)7− and A2+B5+(O2N)7− perovskite-type oxynitrides: a first principles investigation” – Applied Physics A, 2022

Mostefa DJERMOUNI | Computational Material Physics | Best Researcher Award

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