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Dr. Solomon Kenea | Environmental Science-based Award | Global Research Collaboration Award

Researcher, Department Of Soil Resources And Watershed Management, Wollega University, Shambu Campus, Ethiopia

🌍 Dr. Solomon Kenea, an esteemed researcher at Wollega University’s Department of Soil Resources and Watershed Management in Ethiopia, has been honored with the prestigious Global Research Collaboration Award in Environmental Science. 🏆 His groundbreaking work spans interdisciplinary studies focusing on sustainable land management and water conservation strategies. Dr. Kenea’s dedication to addressing environmental challenges through innovative research methodologies has earned him international recognition. Through his contributions, he exemplifies a commitment to fostering global partnerships and advancing the understanding of critical environmental issues. His achievements serve as inspiration for future generations of researchers striving to make meaningful impacts in environmental science.



Education 🎓

With a Ph.D. anticipated in Soil Science from Wollega University and prior academic achievements including a Master of Science from JUCAVM and a BSC from Hawassa WGCFN, my educational journey has been dedicated to understanding and managing soil resources. These experiences have equipped me with a deep understanding of environmental dynamics and the skills necessary to address complex soil-related challenges.

Experience 💼

Over the span of more than 12 years, my professional journey has been marked by diverse roles ranging from environmental consulting to soil and water conservation. I’ve gathered extensive experience in environmental research, project management, and technical consultancy, all aimed at mitigating environmental hazards and promoting sustainable practices.

Research Interests 🌱

My research interests revolve around soil management, conservation, and sustainable agriculture practices. I’m particularly passionate about exploring the effects of organic amendments, such as biochar, on soil health and productivity. Additionally, I’m keen on investigating innovative approaches to mitigate soil acidity and enhance crop yield in agricultural landscapes.

Awards 🏆

Throughout my career, I’ve been honored with various accolades recognizing my contributions to environmental science and agriculture. These awards serve as motivation to continue pursuing excellence in my field, driving me to innovate and find impactful solutions to environmental challenges.

Publications 📚

Title: “Examining the Effect of Combined Biochar and Lime Rates on Selected Soil Physicochemical Properties of Acid Soils in Gimbi District, Western Ethiopia” Year: 2024 Link: DOI: 10.1155/2024/4440448

Title: “Response of Garlic (Allium sativum L.) Yield to Combined Biochar, Lime, and Inorganic Fertilizer Rates in the Case of Gimbi District, Western Ethiopia” Year: 2024 Link: DOI: 10.1155/2024/1347367

Solomon Kenea | Environmental Science-based Award | Global Research Collaboration Award

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