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Mrs. Letícia Kakuda | Cosmetic and phytopharmaceutical technology | Best Researcher Award

PhD student, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto (FCFRP/USP), Brazil

Letícia Kakuda, a standout in cosmetic and phytopharmaceutical technology, earns acclaim for her research prowess with the Best Researcher Award. As a dedicated PhD student at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto (FCFRP/USP) in Brazil, Letícia delves into innovative approaches within her field, combining scientific rigor with a passion for discovery. Her contributions promise to reshape the landscape of cosmetic and phytopharmaceutical advancements, showcasing Brazil’s rich potential in pharmaceutical sciences. 🌿🏆




🎓 Letícia Kakuda pursued her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Ribeirão Preto – University of São Paulo (FCFRP/USP), focusing on the development and efficacy evaluation of cosmetic formulations containing pequi oil encapsulated in nanostructured systems. Her project, supported by FAPESP (grant number: 2021/11000-8), involved various techniques such as extraction, encapsulation, nanotechnology, and rheological analysis of formulations. She also holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Biochemistry from the same institution. 📚


💼 Letícia gained valuable experience through her involvement in scientific research projects related to cosmetic formulations, including the development of formulations for mature skin and the study of oily and hyperpigmented skin. Additionally, she contributed to social activities as a mathematics teacher and member of the Pedagogical Department at the Popular Pharmacy Course. She also participated in the Migrar Project, promoting health and well-being information to the community. 🌱

Research Interests

🔬 Letícia’s research interests lie in the development of innovative cosmetic formulations, particularly those aimed at skin and hair care. She is passionate about exploring nanotechnology and novel delivery systems to enhance the efficacy of cosmetic products. Letícia is also interested in conducting clinical studies to evaluate the effectiveness of these formulations using non-invasive biophysics methods and advanced imaging techniques. 💡

📚  publications Top Notes:

Development of multifunctional sunscreens: Evaluation of physico-mechanical and film-forming properties (2023)

Hydrolipidic Characteristics and Clinical Efficacy of a Dermocosmetic Formulation for the Improvement of Homeostasis on Oily Mature Skin (2022)

Development and Efficacy Evaluation of Innovative Cosmetic Formulations with Caryocar brasiliense Fruit Pulp Oil Encapsulated in Freeze-Dried Liposomes (2024)

Film-Forming, Moisturizing, and Sensory Properties of a Cosmetic Formulation Containing Tara Gum and Brazilian Berry Extracts (2024)

Oral supplementation with hydrolyzed fish cartilage improves the morphological and structural characteristics of the skin: A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study (2021) 📝

Letícia Kakuda | Cosmetic and phytopharmaceutical technology | Best Researcher Award

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