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Mrs. Leonor Cónego | Digital Media | Young Scientist Award

PhD Student, Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP), Portugal

Leonor Cónego, a Portuguese multimedia designer and researcher, has embarked on a dynamic journey in digital content creation since her undergraduate years. She holds a Master’s degree in Multimedia and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Digital Media at the University of Porto. Her expertise spans web design, motion graphics, and branding. Apart from her professional endeavors, she finds solace in solving sudoku puzzles, dancing, and nurturing her plants.



Education 🎓

Leonor completed her undergraduate studies in New Communication Technologies at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, followed by an Erasmus+ program at Tomas Bata University, Czech Republic. She obtained her Master’s degree in Multimedia from the University of Porto and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Digital Media at the same institution.

Experience 💼

Currently, Leonor serves as a multimedia content producer and manager in European research projects at the Systems and Technologies Research Center (SYSTEC). She excels in creating event visual identities, crafting digital and non-digital content, and coordinating project activities. Additionally, she holds a position as an Assistant Professor at the University of Porto, where she mentors students in project management laboratory courses.

Research Interests 🔍

Leonor’s research interests lie at the intersection of technology, education, and industry. She focuses on leveraging gamification in Industry 5.0 for tailored solutions in the workplace and exploring the integration of Education 4.0 principles in smart manufacturing paradigms, particularly in learning factories.

Awards 🏆

Leonor received an Author’s Honorable Mention for her project “UA IT IS” in the Young Creator Competition and has actively participated in various international conferences, including PRO-VE 2021 and the International Conference on Industry Sciences and Computer Sciences Innovation.

Publications Top Notes

Leveraging Gamification in Industry 5.0: Tailored Solutions for Workplace’ Employees (2024)

Education 4.0 and the Smart Manufacturing Paradigm: A Conceptual Gateway for Learning Factories (2021)

Leonor Cónego | Digital Media | Young Scientist Award

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