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Prof. Mohamed Majdoub | Partial Differential Equations | Best Researcher Award

Professor, IAU, Saudi Arabia

Mohamed Majdoub is a distinguished mathematician specializing in nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs), known for his significant contributions to global solution theories and mathematical physics.


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📚 Education:

Mohamed Majdoub earned his academic degrees from Tunisia University Tunis El Manar, culminating in a HDR in 2006, a PhD in 2000, and a BSM in 1992, establishing a solid foundation in mathematical research.

💼 Experience:

With a prolific research career spanning several prestigious institutions globally, Mohamed Majdoub has actively participated in numerous scientific conferences and seminars, delivering insightful talks on topics related to PDEs and mathematical analysis.

🔬 Research Interests:

Mohamed Majdoub’s research interests revolve around nonlinear Schrödinger equations, heat equations, and mathematical models of physical phenomena, focusing on both local existence and global solution theories.

🏆 Award:

Mohamed Majdoub has been recognized for his scholarly achievements, including contributions to the field of mathematical analysis and nonlinear dynamics.

📄 Publications Top Notes:

La Matematica (2023)Double logarithmic inequality with a sharp constant (Cited by 67)

Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences (2023)Long time dynamics for the radial focusing fractional INLS (Cited by 42)

Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis (2023)Existence and nonexistence of global solutions for time dependent damped NLS equations (Cited by 109)

Opuscula Mathematica (2023)Nonexistence of global solutions for a nonlinear parabolic equation with a forcing term (Cited by 29)

Journal of Mathematical Physics (2023)Long time dynamics and blow-up for the focusing inhomogeneous nonlinear Schrödinger equation (Cited by 63)

Mediterranean Journal of Mathematics (2023)Global existence and asymptotic behavior for a reaction-diffusion system with unbounded coefficients (Cited by 42)

Mohamed Majdoub | Partial Differential Equations | Best Researcher Award

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