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Dr. Abderrezzaq Benalia | Environmental engineering | Best Research Article Award

Assistant Prof, Higher Normal School of Constantine, Algeria

Dr. Abderrezzaq Benalia is an accomplished environmental engineer and researcher based in Constantine, Algeria. With a diverse background in process engineering and environmental science, he has dedicated his career to the advancement of sustainable water treatment technologies. Dr. Benalia’s expertise lies in the extraction and utilization of natural substances for water purification, alongside his passion for teaching and mentoring the next generation of scientists.


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Education 📚

Abderrezzaq Benalia earned his PhD in Environmental Engineering from Salah Boubnider University, Constantine 3, Algeria, focusing on the extraction and valorization of bio-coagulants from natural plants for water quality improvement. Prior to his doctoral studies, he completed his Master’s degree in Process Engineering Applied to Environmental Problems and his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Chemistry.

Experience 💼

Dr. Benalia has held various academic and professional positions, including teaching roles at the Higher Normal School of Constantine and involvement in research projects at the National Polytechnic School of Constantine. He has also served as a representative of the environment and contributed to scientific events and outreach programs aimed at bridging academia with the socio-economic environment.

Research Interests 🧪

Abderrezzaq Benalia’s research interests encompass biomaterials, water and wastewater treatment, water pollution, and the extraction of natural substances. His work involves optimization, modeling, and simulation techniques, with a particular focus on chemical kinetics and electrochemistry.

Awards 🏆

Dr. Benalia has been recognized for his contributions to environmental engineering, receiving awards such as the Young Researcher Award from Salah Boubnider University and the Best Researcher Award in Environmental Engineering. His dedication to advancing sustainable solutions for water treatment has earned him accolades within the academic community.

Publications Top Notes

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Effective synthesis and application of artichoke and orange peels-based bio-sorbents for Ketoprofen removal from wastewater: Process optimization using Factorial methodology, Desalination and Water Treatment, 2024. Cited by 5 articles.

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Abderrezzaq Benalia | Environmental engineering | Best Research Article Award

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