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Prof Dr. Yasser Hendy | Astrophysics | Best Researcher Award

Professor, National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Egypt

Yasser Hassan Mohamed Mohamed Hendy, an Egyptian astrophysicist, has made significant contributions to the field of astronomy, particularly in the study of galaxies and star clusters. With a Ph.D. from St. Petersburg State University, Russia, he currently leads the Galaxy Lab at the National Research Institute of Astronomy & Geophysics in Cairo, Egypt. Married with three children, Yasser is known for his enthusiasm and dedication to astrophysics research.



Education 🎓

Yasser earned his B.Sc. in Astronomy – Astrophysics from Al-Azhar University, Egypt, in 2001, followed by an M.Sc. in Astronomy – Astrophysics in 2005. He completed his Ph.D. in Astronomy – Astrophysics from St. Petersburg State University, Russia, in 2012, with a thesis focusing on interacting galaxies.

Experience 💼

As the Head of the Galaxy Lab at the National Research Institute of Astronomy & Geophysics, Yasser leads research initiatives and mentors students in the field of astrophysics. His expertise lies in the analysis of star clusters and the properties of galaxies, contributing significantly to the advancement of astronomical knowledge.

Research Interests 🔍

Yasser’s research interests revolve around the study of galaxies, star clusters, and their interactions. He is particularly interested in exploring the properties of early and late-type galaxies, as well as the dynamics of open star clusters. His work aims to deepen our understanding of the universe’s structure and evolution.

Awards 🏆

Yasser’s research contributions have been recognized with numerous awards and honors within the astrophysics community. His dedication to advancing knowledge in astronomy has earned him respect and acclaim from peers and colleagues alike.

Publications Top Notes

Open superclusters I: The most populated primordial groups of open clusters in the third quadrant of the Galactic disc (2024)

The first CCD photometric studies of the member eclipsing binary ZTFJ015003.88+534734.1 in the newly discovered young open cluster UBC 188 (2024)

Gaia (DR3)-based astronomical analysis of the seven unstudied open star clusters (2024)

Study of solar neighborhood open cluster NGC 6475 and 11 possible members B-type stars (2023)

Astrophysical Studies of 9 Unstudied Open Star Clusters Using GAIA DR3 (2023)

Analysis of the B-stars in field of the solar neighborhood young open cluster IC 2391 using UVES spectra and Gaia DR3 (2023)

Yasser Hendy | Astrophysics| Best Researcher Award

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