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Dr. KUMARAN S | nanostructures | Young Scientist Award

Associate Professor, Saveetha Engineering College, Chennai, India




Dr. S. Kumaran completed his Ph.D. in Faculty of Information and Communication at Anna University, Chennai, achieving 1st class honors. Prior to this, he earned his M.E. in Computer and Communication from Saveetha Engineering College, affiliated with Anna University, Tamilnadu.

👨‍💼 Experience:

With over 11 years of teaching experience, Dr. Kumaran has served as an Assistant Professor at Saveetha Engineering College and Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan College of Engineering and Technology, Chennai.

🔍 Research Interests:

His research interests include nanotechnology applications in optoelectronics and energy devices, focusing on materials like MoS2, graphene, and metal oxides for enhanced performance in solar cells and energy storage.

🏆 Awards and Contributions:

Dr. Kumaran has been instrumental as an FDP Coordinator and Conference Coordinator at Saveetha Engineering College. He has achieved 100% results in several subjects and organized successful campus drives and mentorship programs.

📚 Publications Top Notes:

Enhancing the photo-sensing properties of CdS via fabricating hybrid with MoS2 for bifunctional optoelectronic and DSSC applications, Chemical Papers, 2023.

Fabrication of graphitic carbon nitride-decorated MoSe2 hybrid nanocomposite as an efficient counter electrode for Pt-free dye-sensitized solar cells, Chemical Papers, 2023.

Synergistic design and fabrication of g-C3N4 decorated Ni-doped CeO2 nanocomposite: A highly efficient photo and electrocatalyst for enhanced energy storage and environmental remediation, Diamond & Related Materials, 2023.

Improving the performance of Mn2O3 electrodes by Co substitution for supercapacitor applications, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, 2023.

Synthesis, molecular structure, experimental and theoretical characterization of 3-((2-(2,4-dinitrophenyl) hydrazone) methyl) pyridinecarcinopreventive activity, Journal of Molecular Structure, 2023.

Structural, electronic, intermolecular interaction, reactivity, vibrational spectroscopy, charge transfer, Hirshfeld surface analysis, pharmacological and hydropathy plot on 5-bromo nicotinic acid – Antiviral study (hepatitis A, B, and C), Heliyon, 2023.

KUMARAN S | nanostructures | Young Scientist Award

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