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Dr. José Pedro | Structural Engineering | Best Review Article Award

Professor, IST-University of Lisbon, Portugal

🏆 Dr. José Pedro, a distinguished figure in Structural Engineering at IST-University of Lisbon, Portugal, has been honored with the prestigious Best Review Article Award. His contributions to the field have garnered widespread recognition, showcasing his expertise and dedication. As a revered professor, Dr. José Pedro exemplifies excellence in academia, inspiring both students and colleagues alike. Through his innovative research and insightful analysis, he continues to push the boundaries of structural engineering, driving advancements and shaping the future of the discipline. This award serves as a testament to his outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge in the field. 🌟


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📚 José J. Oliveira Pedro earned a 5-year degree in Civil (Structural) Engineering (1991), an MSc in Structures (1995), and a Ph.D. (2007) in Civil Engineering from IST – University of Lisbon. His thesis focused on the “Structural analysis of composite steel-concrete cable-stayed bridges.” 🌉 He has been an Assistant Professor at IST since 1990, specializing in Bridges, Design of Structures, and Special Structures. Throughout his tenure, he has received twelve diplomas for pedagogical excellence. He has also served as a Visiting Professor at EPFL in 2015 and undertook research fellowships at the University of Liège in 1999.


👷 José J. Oliveira Pedro joined GRID International design office in 1991 and has since contributed significantly to the design of various bridges, buildings, and special structures. 🏗️ He brings extensive expertise in structural engineering and has been involved in numerous projects, demonstrating a strong commitment to excellence and innovation.

Research Interests

🔬 José J. Oliveira Pedro’s research interests lie in the optimization and analysis of steel structures, particularly bridges. 🌐 He has actively participated in European research projects such as OPTIBRI, OUTBURST, and LASTTS, contributing to advancements in structural engineering technologies. His involvement in FUNDEC’s advanced training courses underscores his dedication to continuous learning and professional development.


🏆 José J. Oliveira Pedro has received prestigious awards recognizing his contributions to the field of civil engineering. 🎖️ He was honored with the “Baker Medal” and the “John Henry Garrood King Medal” by the Institute of Civil Engineers for his outstanding articles published in the Bridge Engineering journal. These accolades underscore his significant impact on the discipline.


Structural Analysis of Composite Steel-Concrete Cable-Stayed Bridges” (2007) 🌐

“Optimal Use of High Strength Steel Grades within Bridges” (2013)  🌉

“Optimisation of Steel Plated Bridges in Shape and Strength” (2015)  🛠️

José Pedro | Structural Engineering | Best Review Article Award

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