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Dr. YUCHEN SHEN | Bioengineering | Best Researcher Award

Postdoctoral scholar, University of Washington, United States

Dr. Yuchen Shen, a distinguished postdoctoral scholar at the University of Washington, United States, stands as a beacon in the field of bioengineering. With a relentless pursuit of scientific excellence, Dr. Shen has garnered the prestigious Best Researcher Award for their groundbreaking contributions. 🏆 Their innovative research not only pushes the boundaries of bioengineering but also holds promise for transformative advancements in healthcare and technology. Dr. Shen’s dedication, intellect, and vision inspire peers and aspiring researchers alike, shaping the future landscape of biomedical sciences. In a world where knowledge is key, Dr. Shen’s work illuminates new paths towards understanding and solving complex biological challenges.




🎓 Yuchen Shen completed her educational journey with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Science & Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she also obtained a Master’s in Agricultural & Biological Engineering. Previously, she earned her Bachelor’s in Biosystems Engineering from Zhejiang University. 📚


👩‍🔬 Yuchen Shen has held significant roles in academia and research, including being a Research Assistant at the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Center (ACRC) at UIUC and currently serving as a Postdoctoral Scholar in Bioengineering at the University of Washington, where she manages the laboratory. 🧪

Research Interests

🔬 Yuchen Shen’s research interests lie in areas such as frost growth detection, condensation frosting, and the effects of UV light on interfacial water. Her work encompasses both experimental investigations and numerical simulations, contributing to advancements in thermal management and surface engineering. 🌡️


🏅 Yuchen Shen has been recognized for her academic achievements with awards like the Second prize of Social Practice Research Paper at Zhejiang University and participation in competitions such as the MechSE Art of Science Competition at UIUC. 🏆

📚 Publications Top Notes

Real-time frost porosity detection using capacitance sensing approach, 2019, Link

Condensation Frosting Characteristic Detection Using Capacitance Sensing Approach, 2020 , Link

Condensation Frosting on Micro-Pillar Surfaces – Effect of Microscale Roughness on Ice Propagation, 2020, , Link

Numerical simulations of frost growth using mixture model on surfaces with different wettability, 2023,  Link

Detection of Frost Growth and Distribution on Louver and Offset Strip Fins of a Microchannel Heat Exchanger Using Capacitance Sensing Approach, 2023,  Link

Prediction of Condensation Freezing Droplet Size on Nano-Textured Superhydrophobic Surfaces, N/A,  Link

Ultraviolet (UV) Light Effect on the Electrical Potential of Interfacial Water, 2024


YUCHEN SHEN | Bioengineering | Best Researcher Award

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