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Assoc Prof Dr. Jian Han | Selective Laser Melting | Best Researcher Award

Associate Professor, Beijing Technology and Business University, China

Dr. Jian Han, an esteemed Associate Professor at Beijing Technology and Business University in China, is renowned for his groundbreaking research in Selective Laser Melting (SLM). 🏆 His pioneering work in this field has earned him the prestigious Best Researcher Award. Dr. Han’s expertise lies in pushing the boundaries of SLM technology, exploring its applications across various industries, from aerospace to healthcare. With a dedication to innovation and a passion for advancing additive manufacturing techniques, he continues to inspire and lead the way in this dynamic field. 🌟



Research Fields

Dr. Jian Han, an accomplished Associate Professor at Beijing Technology and Business University in China, is at the forefront of research in additive/subtractive hybrid manufacturing technology. 🛠️ His work delves deep into the integration of additive and subtractive processes to optimize production efficiency and enhance product quality. Dr. Han’s expertise extends to investigating the mechanical properties of materials used in this hybrid manufacturing approach, ensuring durability and performance. 🏗️ Additionally, he employs advanced computer simulation and numerical analysis techniques to model and predict the behavior of hybrid manufacturing processes, enabling precise control and optimization. Through his innovative research, Dr. Han continues to drive advancements in manufacturing technology. 🚀

Publications Top Notes

Title: Comparative study on cutting performance of different micro-texturing milling tools for preparing the L-PBF-formed TC4 workpieces

Year: 2023

Authors: Jia, S., Han, J., Liu, Y., Yang, Y., Ma, T.

Journal: Journal of Manufacturing Processes

Title: Experimental study on milling and milling-grinding composite machining of AFRP

Year: 2023

Authors: Shi, W., Xie, C., Zhang, X., Han, J., Yan, T.

Journal: International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Title: Study on the Laser Melting Procedure for the Specified Zone of the TC4 Titanium Alloy

Year: 2023

Authors: Han, J., Jia, S., Liu, Y., Li, J., Han, Y.

Journal: Crystals

Title: Effect of Remelting Process on the Forming Quality of TC4 Selective Laser Melting Trapezoidal Overhanging Structure

Year: 2023

Authors: Chen, X., Han, J., Liu, Y., Shi, W.

Journal: Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

Title: Experimental Research on Variable Parameter Forming Process for Forming Specimen of TC4 Titanium Alloy by Selective Laser Melting

Year: 2022

Authors: Liu, Y., Zhou, Y., Shi, W., Ye, D., Han, Y.

Journal: Materials



Jian Han | Selective Laser Melting | Best Researcher Award

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