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Prof. Ahmed Saleh | Poultry Nutrition | Outstanding Scientist Award

Professor, kafrelsheikh University, Egypt

Professor Ahmed Saleh, a distinguished figure in the realm of Poultry Nutrition, has been honored with the Outstanding Scientist Award for his remarkable contributions. Hailing from Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt, Prof. Saleh’s expertise in poultry nutrition has significantly advanced the field, benefiting both academia and industry alike. His pioneering research has shed light on optimal feeding practices, enhancing the health and productivity of poultry populations worldwide 🌍🐔. With a relentless commitment to excellence, Prof. Saleh continues to inspire the next generation of scientists and revolutionize the way we understand and approach poultry nutrition.


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Education 🎓

Dr. Khairy Ambar has pursued a remarkable academic journey in Poultry Nutrition. He obtained his Ph.D. in Poultry Nutrition from Faculty of Agriculture, Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt, in collaboration with Kagoshima University, Japan, in 2011. His thesis titled “Studies on the possibility of using Aspergillus (awamori and niger) as probiotic in broiler diets” reflects his dedication to innovative research in the field. Prior to this, he earned his MSc. in Poultry Production in 2006 and his BSc. in Poultry Production in 2003, both from Faculty of Agriculture, Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt. 🐔

Employment History 💼

Dr. Ambar’s career spans prestigious positions in academia. He currently serves as a Professor in the department of Poultry Production at Faculty of Agriculture, Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt, since February 22, 2022. Prior to this, he held the position of Associate Professor in the same department since January 20, 2017. He also enriched his academic experience through international collaborations, serving as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Kagoshima University, Japan, from December 2013 to June 2014, and at Nitra University, Slovakia, from March 2013 to November 2013. 🌍

Research Interests 🔬

Dr. Ambar’s research interests primarily revolve around Poultry Nutrition. His work encompasses exploring novel probiotics, dietary supplements, and feeding strategies to enhance the growth performance, nutrient utilization, and health of poultry. His contributions to understanding the impact of dietary components on poultry production have significant implications for the industry. 🥚

Awards and Honors 🏆

Dr. Ambar’s exceptional contributions to Poultry Science have been recognized globally. His inclusion in the top two percent scientists list by Stanford University, USA, from 2020 to 2023 underscores his influential research. He received the State Incentive Award in Agriculture Science in 2020 and the Excellent Paper Award in Animal Science Journal in 2016 from the Japanese Society of Animal Science, further validating his academic prowess and impact. 🌟

Publications Top Notes📝

Title: “Effect of dietary mixture of Aspergillus probiotic and selenium nano-particles on growth, nutrient digestibilities, selected blood parameters and muscle fatty acid profile in broilers” Year: 2014 Citations: 99

Title: “Effect of dietary supplementation of Bacillus subtilis spores on growth performance, oxidative status, and digestive enzyme activities in Japanese quail birds” Year: 2019 Citations: 94

Title: “Ovarian follicular development, lipid peroxidation, antioxidative status and immune response in laying hens fed fish oil-supplemented diets to produce n-3-enriched eggs” Year: 2008 Citations: 69

Ahmed Saleh | Poultry Nutrition | Outstanding Scientist Award

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