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Ms. Maha Khalfalla | Cereal Grain Nutrition | Best Researcher Award

Maha Khalfalla, University of Debrecen, Hungary

Ms. Maha Khalfalla, a distinguished researcher at the University of Debrecen in Hungary, stands out for her groundbreaking work in Cereal Grain Nutrition. Her dedication to advancing understanding in this field has earned her the prestigious Best Researcher Award. Through meticulous research and innovative approaches, she has contributed significantly to unraveling the complexities of cereal grain nutrition, paving the way for healthier diets and sustainable agricultural practices. With her expertise and passion, Ms. Khalfalla continues to inspire her peers and drive positive change in the realm of nutritional science. 🌾🏆.



Education 🎓

Maha Khalfalla holds a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from Sudan Academy of Science, where she focused on the molecular characterization of thermostable α-Amylase. She also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Botany from Omdurman Islamic University and a Diploma in Lab-tech Biology from University of Juba. 🌱

Experience 💼

Maha Khalfalla’s career spans roles such as a Researcher at the Ministry Of Higher Education and Scientific Research, focusing on food safety, and an Officer at National Initiative of Development Organization, specializing in humanitarian health and nutrition. She also served as a Research Assistant at the Ministry of Science and Technology. 🧪

Research Interests 🔬

Maha Khalfalla is passionate about experimental design, data analysis, and interpretation, particularly in the realm of food science and ICP-OES applications. She collaborates with interdisciplinary teams and seeks to contribute to cutting-edge research initiatives with scientific integrity. 🌟

Awards 🏆

Maha Khalfalla received the Stipendium Hungaricum in 2020, recognizing her academic excellence. 🎉

Publications  📚

Revealing Consequences of the Husking Process on Nutritional Profiles of Two Sorghum Races on the Male Sterility Line (2024)Read more

Promoting the elemental profile of sorghum grain: Driving factors affecting nutritional properties under nitrogen fertilizer conditions (2024)Read more

Maha Khalfalla | Cereal Grain Nutrition | Best Researcher Award

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