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Dr. Evans Asenso : Leading Researcher in Environmental Science

Assistant Professor at University of Ghana, Department of Ā Agricultural Engineering.

šŸ‘Øā€šŸ«Evans AsensoĀ  an Assistant Professor atĀ  University of Ghana, Department of Agricultural Engineering, stands as a distinguished academic and researcher in the domain of Environmental Science. Holding a PhD from , Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, China , their professional journey exemplifies dedication and expertise. šŸ“š

šŸŒĀ Professional Profiles:

šŸŒŸ Academic and Research Career šŸŒŸšŸ“š

PhD (2019), Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, China. Postgraduate Certificate (2013), Agricultural Soil and Water Engineering, South China. Agricultural University, Guangzhou, China.Ā  MSc. (2012), Soil and Water Engineering, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana.Ā  BSc. (2008), Agricultural Technology, Option: Mechanization and Irrigation Technology.
University for Development Studies, Ghana.

šŸ’¼ Employment šŸ›ļø:

  • LecturerĀ  at University of Ghana.

šŸ”¬Ā Research Interests

His expertise encompasses a diverse spectrum, focusing on:

  • Soil management and conservation practices
  • Soil health and quality management
  • Crop productivity and sustainability measures
  • Soil amendments for remediation and reuse
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Managing crop water use efficiency (crop water stress)
  • Irrigation (fertigation)
  • Agricultural image classification using deep learning


Soil and tillage Research, Land-MDPI, Medicina-MDPI, Agronomy MDPI, Agriculture-MDPI, Sustainability-MDPI, Agri Engineering-MDPI, Applied Sciences-MDPI, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health-MDPI ,Concurrency and Computational: Practice & Experience,Ā International Journal of Agricultural & Biological Engineering,Ā Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal, Ā African Journal of Agricultural Research,Ā Asian Soil Research Journal,Ā Asian Journal of Soil Science & Plant Nutrition, Ā International Journal of Plant & Soil Science,Ā Journal of Experimental Agriculture International,Ā Merit Research Journal of Agricultural Science & Soil Science, Ā World Journal of Agriculture & Soil Science,Ā Asian Research Journal of Agriculture,Ā Current World Environment,Ā Current Journal of Applied Science & Technology,Ā International Research Journal of Pure & Applied Chemistry,Asian Journal of Environment & Ecology,

Professional Experience

His academic journey continues as a Lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Ghana, where his impart knowledge and insights in this field. He also contributed as a Part-Time Lecturer at the Water Management and Administration Business Management & Financial Institution in Ghana, solidifying your commitment to education and practical learning.

Awards and Memberships

His dedication and expertise have been recognized through prestigious awards, including UNESCO/P.R. China Government Scholarship and P.R. China Government Scholarship (CSC). HIs professional affiliations with esteemed organizations like the Ghana Society of Agricultural Engineers, CIGR, and the International Soil Tillage Research Organization showcase your active involvement in the field.

Conferences Attended

His commitment to staying abreast of industry trends is evident from His participation in key conferences such as the 5th National Conference on Agricultural Engineering and the XIX World Congress of CIGR, fostering global networking and knowledge exchange.

Journal Reviewing and Editorial Contributions

His active involvement as a reviewer for esteemed journals and editorial roles in publications such as the World Journal of Agriculture & Soil Science, Peer Research Nest, and Earth Science (Special Issue: Sustainable Agriculture) reflects His commitment to advancing academic discourse.

Statistical Analysis Proficiency

His expertise extends to statistical analysis tools like SPSS, STATISTIX, MINITAB, and MS Word, demonstrating His adeptness in comprehensive research methodologies.

Top NotedĀ  Publications byĀ Dr. Evans Asenso šŸ“ššŸ”:

Segmentation of tomato leaf images based on adaptive clustering number of K-means algorithmĀ  Ā Paper published in 2019Ā  Ā  cited by 143

Intrusion Detection Using Machine Learning for Risk Mitigation in IoT-Enabled Smart Irrigation in Smart Farming Paper published inĀ  2022Ā  cited by 82

Lung cancer classification and prediction using machine learning and image processing Paper published inĀ  2022Ā  cited by 46

Sustainable conservation tillage improves soil nutrients and reduces nitrogen and phosphorous losses in maize farmland in Southern China Paper published in 2019Ā  Ā cited by 45

Implementing Machine Learning for Smart Farming to Forecast Farmers’ Interest in Hiring EquipmentĀ  Paper published in 2022Ā  Ā cited by 41

Hybrid Feature-Based Disease Detection in Plant Leaf Using Convolutional Neural Network, Bayesian Optimized SVM, and Random Forest Classifier Paper published in 2022Ā  Ā cited by 41

Design and evaluation of a hybrid technique for detecting sunflower leaf disease using deep learning approach Paper published inĀ  2022Ā  cited by 37

Minimum latency-secure key transmission for cloud-based internet of vehicles using reinforcement learning Paper published in 2022Ā  Ā cited by 18

Research on Network Security Situational Awareness Based on Crawler AlgorithmĀ  Paper published in 2022Ā  Ā cited by 14

Design and evaluation of a simple PVC drip irrigation system using akposoe maize variety as a test cropĀ  Paper published in 2021Ā  Ā cited by 14

Dr. Evans Asenso academic journey, research contributions, and dedication to the field underscore a commitment to advancing agricultural engineering, sustainability, and academic excellence. šŸŒ±šŸŽ“

Dr. Evans Asenso| Environmental Science

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