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Prof Dr. Nilda Gallardo | Endocrinología Molecular | Best Research Article Award

Profesor Titular, Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain

🏆 Prof. Dr. Nilda Gallardo, a distinguished researcher in Molecular Endocrinology, has been honored with the Best Research Article Award. Holding the position of Full Professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, Prof. Gallardo exemplifies excellence in her field. Her groundbreaking contributions to molecular endocrinology have significantly advanced our understanding of hormonal mechanisms and their impact on health and disease. With a commitment to academic rigor and innovation, she continues to inspire both colleagues and students alike. This prestigious recognition underscores her dedication to pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry and underscores her status as a leader in the field.



Education 🎓

Nilda del Carmen Gallardo Alpízar completed her academic journey with remarkable achievements. She earned her Ph.D. in a specialized field, focusing on central leptin signaling deficiency induced by a leptin receptor antagonist, from a reputable institution. Additionally, she holds advanced degrees in fields such as molecular sciences and food function, reflecting her diverse academic interests and expertise. 🧪

Employment History 💼

Dr. Gallardo Alpízar has held significant positions in academia and research. Her roles have ranged from conducting groundbreaking research as a key contributor to serving as a lecturer or professor, nurturing the next generation of scientists. With each position, she has demonstrated a commitment to advancing knowledge and making meaningful contributions to her field. 🔬

Research Interests 🔬

Dr. Gallardo Alpízar’s research interests span across various domains within the molecular and biochemical sciences. Her work encompasses topics such as hypothalamic proteomic remodeling, hepatic lipid metabolism, and the effects of aging on lipid sensing processes. She shows a keen interest in understanding metabolic disorders and exploring potential therapeutic interventions. 🧬

Awards and Honors 🏆

Throughout her career, Dr. Gallardo Alpízar has garnered recognition for her outstanding contributions to scientific research. Her publications have been featured in prestigious journals, and her impact on her field is evidenced by her inclusion in top percent scientist lists and receipt of awards such as the Excellent Paper Award. These accolades underscore her significant achievements and influence in her field. 🌟

Publications Top Notes📝

  1. Title: “Central leptin signaling deficiency induced by leptin receptor antagonist leads to hypothalamic proteomic remodeling” Year: 2024
  2. Title: “Unbiased Phosphoproteome Mining Reveals New Functional Sites of Metabolite-Derived PTMs Involved in MASLD Development” Year: 2023
  3. Title: “Grape seed extract supplementation modulates hepatic lipid metabolism in rats. Implication of PPARß/d” Year: 2022
  4. Title: “Ageing alters the lipid sensing process in the hypothalamus of Wistar rats. Effect of food restriction” Year: 2021


Nilda Gallardo | Endocrinología Molecular | Best Research Article Award

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