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Dr. Abderrezzaq Benalia | Environmental Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Assistant Prof, Higher Normal School of Constantine, Algeria

Dr. Abderrezzaq Benalia, an Assistant Professor at the Higher Normal School of Constantine, Algeria, has been honored with the prestigious Best Researcher Award in Environmental Engineering. 🏆 His pioneering work in the field has not only advanced scientific knowledge but also contributed significantly to addressing pressing environmental challenges. With dedication and innovation, Dr. Benalia continues to push the boundaries of research, inspiring both his peers and students alike. His commitment to excellence serves as a beacon of hope in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow. 🌍


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Education 🎓

Dr. Ing. Abderrezzaq Benalia pursued his academic journey at Salah Boubnider University, Constantine 3, Algeria. He obtained his PhD in Environmental Engineering, focusing on the extraction and valorization of active products from natural plants for water quality improvement. His M.Sc. in Process Engineering applied to environmental issues laid the groundwork for his doctoral research. Abderrezzaq began his academic path with a Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering from Mentouri University, Constantine, Algeria. 🌱

Experience 👨‍🔬

Abderrezzaq Benalia served as the Representative of the environment in Yahia beni guecha, Mila, Algeria, prior to his academic career. His teaching journey started at Higher Normal School of Constantine, where he imparted knowledge in various chemistry courses. He also contributed to the Faculty of Process Engineering at Salah Boubnider University, Constantine 3, Algeria, and the National Polytechnic School of Constantine, focusing on water chemistry and treatment processes. Abderrezzaq’s diverse experience encompasses both educational and practical aspects of environmental engineering. 🌍

Research Interests 🧪

Abderrezzaq Benalia’s research interests lie in biomaterials, water and wastewater treatment, water pollution, and the extraction of natural substances. His expertise extends to optimization, modeling, simulation, chemical kinetics, and electrochemistry. Through his research, he aims to address critical environmental challenges and contribute to sustainable development. Abderrezzaq’s passion for exploring innovative solutions drives his commitment to advancing these areas of study. 🔬

Awards 🏆

In recognition of his contributions to research, Abderrezzaq Benalia was honored with the young researcher award by Salah Boubnider University, Constantine 3, Algeria, in 2016. His dedication to environmental engineering and sustainable development has been acknowledged through this prestigious accolade. Abderrezzaq’s relentless pursuit of excellence continues to inspire future generations of researchers. 🌟

Publications Top Notes 📚

Application of Plant-Based Coagulants and Their Mechanisms in Water Treatment: A Review (2024)

Effective synthesis and application of artichoke and orange peels-based biosorbents for Ketoprofen removal from wastewater: Process optimization using Factorial methodology (2024)

Removal of Chromium (VI) from Water Using Orange peel as the Biosorbent: Experimental, Modeling, and Kinetic Studies on Adsorption Isotherms and Chemical Structure (2024)

Removal of lead in water by coagulation flocculation process using Cactus‑based natural coagulant: optimization and modeling by response surface methodology (RSM) (2024)

Use of Pine cone as bio-coagulant for heavy metal removal from industrial wastewater: Use of Box–Behnken design (2024

Abderrezzaq Benalia | Environmental Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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