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Dr.Yunus Emre Genç | Tourism | Global Research Collaboration Award

Dr. Instructor | Giresun University | Turkey

Yunus Emre Genç is a dedicated lecturer at Giresun University, actively contributing to academia with his expertise in sustainable tourism, social media impact on consumer behavior, and strategic management. He holds a Doctoral degree from Izmir Katip Celebi University and is passionate about integrating sustainability into tourism practices.



Education 📚

Yunus Emre Genç earned his Doctoral degree from Izmir Katip Celebi University, focusing on sustainable tourism in Trabzon and the impact of Arab tourists. His Master’s thesis explored the influence of social media on consumer purchasing behavior among university students.

Experience 💼

Currently serving as a Lecturer at Giresun University, Yunus Emre Genç has also held administrative roles at Igdir University and Recep Tayyip Erdogan University. He has led several international projects, including EU initiatives like “Ağaçlar Koruyor, Gençler Konuşuyor” and “İzmir’de Ekoturist Olmak.”

Research Interest 🌍

Yunus Emre Genç’s research interests encompass sustainable tourism, social media’s impact on consumer behavior, and strategic management in the context of Arab tourism and sustainability practices in Turkey.

Award 🏆

Yunus Emre Genç has received prestigious accolades such as the Skillman Fidelity Award in 2023 and the Quarterly Franklin Membership in 2020 for his contributions to sustainable tourism and strategic management research.

Publication 📝

Yunus Emre Genç has published extensively in renowned journals:

Competitive Strategy and Advantages, Journal of Accounting and Finance, 24(2), 143-151, DOI: 10.33423/jaf.v24i2.6988 (2024)

Cited by: 6 articles

Arab Tourists’ Opinions about Sustainable Arab Tourism in Trabzon and Facilities of Trabzon, London Journal of Research in Management and Business, 20(4), 13-26 (2020)

Cited by: 10 articles




Yunus Emre Genç | Tourism | Global Research Collaboration Award

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