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Prof Dr. Luis Felipe Mendonca | Sensoriamento Remoto | Emerging Scientist Excellence Award

Jovem Professor, Universidade Federal da Bahia, Brazil

Dr. Luis Felipe Ferreira de Mendonça is a distinguished oceanographer and geoscientist currently serving as an Adjunct Professor at the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil. With extensive research in oceanography, remote sensing, and geosciences, Dr. Mendonça has contributed significantly to understanding ocean dynamics, oil spill dispersion, and climate modeling.


🎓 Education: Dr. Mendonça has a comprehensive educational background in oceanography and geosciences. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Oceanography from the Federal University of Rio Grande (2006-2010), followed by a Master’s (2011-2013) and a Ph.D. (2013-2016) in Geosciences from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. He further completed a Postdoctoral fellowship in Oceanography at the Federal University of Santa Catarina (2017-2018).

💼 Experience: Since July 2018, Dr. Mendonça has been an Adjunct Professor at the Federal University of Bahia, where he specializes in oceanography. His previous roles include extensive research positions, where he contributed to significant advancements in remote sensing and numerical modeling of oceanographic phenomena.

🔬 Research Interests: Dr. Mendonça’s research interests lie in oceanography, remote sensing, oil spill detection, and climate modeling. He focuses on using advanced numerical models and remote sensing techniques to study ocean dynamics, oil spill impacts, and climate variations, contributing to environmental monitoring and disaster management.

🏆 Awards: Dr. Mendonça has received several accolades for his impactful research and contributions to the field of oceanography. His work is widely recognized, and he is actively involved in peer review activities for prominent scientific journals.

📚 Publications: Dr. Mendonça has an impressive array of publications that highlight his extensive research. Here are some key publications:

  1. The bimodal regime of ocean waves and winds over the continental shelf of MaranhãoRegional Studies in Marine Science, 2024.
    • Cited by: Various articles studying regional marine science dynamics.
  2. Dispersion analysis of the 2017 Persian Gulf oil spill based on remote sensing data and numerical modellingMarine Pollution Bulletin, 2024.
    • Cited by: Articles on oil spill dispersion and environmental impact.
  3. Analysis of thermal discomfort associated with synoptic conditions in the city of Pelotas, southernmost region of BrazilInternational Journal of Biometeorology, 2024.
    • Cited by: Studies on biometeorology and climate impact on human health.
  4. Aspectos sobre a modelagem de ondasTópicos Especiais em Modelagem do Tempo, Clima e Sistema Terrestre, 2024.
    • Cited by: Research on wave modeling and climate systems.
  5. Geochemical analysis of SAR backscattering (Sentinel-1) on global ocean oil spill casesEuropean Journal of Remote Sensing, 2023.
    • Cited by: Publications on remote sensing techniques for environmental monitoring.

Dr. Mendonça’s work has been cited extensively, demonstrating his influence and the importance of his research in oceanography and remote sensing.

Luis Felipe Mendonca | Sensoriamento Remoto | Emerging Scientist Excellence Award

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