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Dr Virendra Pratap Singh, Mechanical Engineering, Best Researcher Award

IES college of Technology Bhopal, India 

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👨‍🎓 Bio Summary 📚 : 

Dr. Virendra Pratap Singh, an accomplished Material Scientist and Advance Welding expert, is an Indian national born on April 14, 1989. With a genuine passion for welding and material science, he brings a unique blend of enthusiasm and commitment to his work.

🎓 Education 🏫 : 

Virendra Pratap Singh has an impressive academic background. He pursued his Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, graduating with a commendable final grade of 71.56%. He continued his academic journey at the National Institute of Technology, Bhopal, earning a Master of Technology with a final grade of 8.79 in Tribology and Failure of IC Engine Valve. His dedication led him to complete a Doctor of Philosophy at the National Institute of Technology Mizoram, achieving a final grade of 9.0. His field of study focused on Similar and Dissimilar Material Welding.

🔍 Research Focus 🧪 : 

Dr. Singh’s research is at the forefront of welding and material science. His doctoral thesis, “Experimental Investigation Into the Development of AA6061-T6 and AZ31 Similar and Dissimilar Alloy Joint Through Friction Stir Welding,” demonstrates his expertise. His research interests span friction stir welding, metal matrix composites, materials processing, surface modification, coatings, and metal casting.

👨‍💼 Professional Journey 🚀 : 

With a solid foundation in academia, Dr. Singh served as an Assistant Professor at GL Bajaj Institute of Management and Research and IIMT College of Engineering, contributing significantly to the fields of Material Science, Machine Design, Manufacturing Science, Fluid Mechanics, and IC Engine.

🏆 Honors & Awards 🎖️ : 

Dr. Singh’s exceptional contributions have earned him prestigious awards, including the Best Presentation Award at the International Conference on Advancement in Manufacturing Engineering in 2022. He received Ph.D. and M.Tech. scholarships from the Ministry of Human Resource and Development, Gov. of India, showcasing his academic excellence.

📚 Publications & Contributions 📖 : 

1. Recent Research Progress in Solid State Friction-Stir Welding of Aluminium–Magnesium Alloys: A Critical Review

Authors: VP Singh, SK Patel, A Ranjan, B Kuriachen

Journal: Journal of Materials Research and Technology

Volume: 9 (3)

Pages: 6217-6256

Year: 2020

Citations: 190

2. Parametric Effect on Dissimilar Friction Stir Welded Steel-Magnesium Alloys Joints: A Review

Authors: VP Singh, SK Patel, N Kumar, B Kuriachen

Journal: Science and Technology of Welding and Joining

Volume: 24 (8)

Pages: 653-684

Year: 2019

Citations: 49

3. Mechanical and Microstructural Properties Evolutions of Various Alloys Welded Through Cooling Assisted Friction-Stir Welding: A Review

Authors: VP Singh, SK Patel, B Kuriachen

Journal: Intermetallics

Volume: 133

Pages: 107122

Year: 2021

Citations: 47

4. Recent Research Progresses in Al-7075 Based In-Situ Surface Composite Fabrication Through Friction Stir Processing: A Review

Authors: SK Patel, VP Singh, BS Roy, B Kuriachen

Journal: Materials Science and Engineering: B

Volume: 262

Pages: 114708

Year: 2020

Citations: 46

5. Friction Stir Processing of Alloys with Secondary Phase Particles: An Overview

Authors: SK Patel, VP Singh, B Kuriachen

Journal: Materials and Manufacturing Processes

Volume: 34 (13)

Pages: 1429-1457

📊 Author Metrics & Research Timeline 📅 : 

Dr. Singh’s research has garnered recognition, evident in his author metrics and the timeline of his contributions. Notably, his work on “Microstructural and Mechanical Behavior of Friction-Stir-Welded AA6061-T6 and AZ31 Alloys with Improved Electrochemical Corrosion” in the Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance.

This consolidated overview showcases Dr. Virendra Pratap Singh’s journey, expertise, and significant contributions to the fields of welding and material science.

Dr Virendra Pratap Singh | Mechanical Engineering | Best Researcher Award |

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