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Dr. Kafa Al-Khasawneh | Nuclear Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Utilization Manager, Jordan Research and Training Reactor, Jordan

Kafa Al-Khasawneh is a leading figure in nuclear physics and engineering, dedicated to advancing research in neutron activation analysis and nuclear reactor physics. Currently serving as the Manager of the Utilization Directorate at the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, she has made significant contributions to the field of nuclear science, leveraging her expertise to drive innovation and progress in atomic energy.



Education 📚🎓

Dr. Kafa Al-Khasawneh pursued her academic journey with a keen focus on nuclear physics and engineering. She obtained her Ph.D. in Experimental Nuclear Physics from Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany, following an M.Sc. in Nuclear Reactor Physics and Engineering from Paris-Sud Université, France. Her academic pursuits have equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of nuclear phenomena and their practical applications.

Experience 💼🔬

With a diverse professional background, Dr. Al-Khasawneh has held various roles at the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission, including Neutron Activation Analysis Officer and Head of Section. Her expertise extends to nuclear engineering, neutron activation analysis, and reactor physics. Additionally, she has served as a Teaching Assistant at Al-Balqa’ Applied University, contributing to the education of future generations of physicists.

Research Interests 🧪🔍

Dr. Al-Khasawneh’s research interests revolve around neutron activation analysis, nuclear reactor physics, and the application of nuclear techniques for elemental analysis. She is particularly focused on advancing methodologies for neutron activation analysis and exploring the cross-section measurements of various nuclear reactions. Her work aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of nuclear analytical techniques for scientific and industrial applications.

Awards 🏅🌟

Recognized for her academic excellence and contributions to the field of nuclear science, Dr. Al-Khasawneh has received prestigious scholarships and awards. She was honored with full scholarships from the King Abdullah II Foundation for Development and the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission & French Embassy in Jordan, supporting her M.Sc. and Ph.D. studies in nuclear physics and engineering.

Publications Top Notes

“Performance of a Thin Layer of Plastic Scintillator Material to be Used as a Charged Particle Detector Using Geant4” – Accepted for publication in Jordan Journal of Physics (JJP), Volume 18 No 1 (2025). Publication | Cited by: 4

“Investigation of the Cd-Ratio difference method to measure the cross section of 186W(n,γ)187W at the Jordan Research and Training reactor” – Published in Annals of Nuclear Energy in 2024. Publication | Cited by: 7

“Application of Neutron Activation for the Analysis of Rare Earth Elements” – Submitted abstract for International Conference on Research Reactors (Accepted conference paper). Abstract

Kafa Al-Khasawneh | Nuclear Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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