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Mr. VINCENT DE PAUL IGOR ESSOUMA KOUNG | Wind Energy | Best Researcher Award

Fourth year Doctorate/Ph.D Student in Physics, University Of Yaounde I/Faculty Of Science/Department Of Physics, Cameroon

Vincent De Paul Igor Essouma Koung, a fourth-year Doctorate/Ph.D. student in Physics at the University Of Yaounde I, Cameroon, has been honored with the prestigious Best Researcher Award in Wind Energy. 🏆 His dedication and innovative contributions in the field of wind energy have garnered recognition both nationally and internationally. Through his research, Koung aims to address critical challenges and advance the understanding of wind power generation for sustainable energy solutions. With his passion for science and commitment to excellence, Koung continues to inspire fellow researchers and contribute significantly to the advancement of renewable energy technologies. 🌬️



Education 🎓

Mr. Vincent De Paul Igor Essouma Koung’s academic journey reflects his dedication to the field of physics, with a focus on Energy and Environment. Starting from his Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Yaounde I, Cameroon, he steadily progressed through his Master’s and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the same department. His consistent academic performance, culminating in a Good mention for his Master’s degree, underscores his commitment to excellence in his field.

Experience 💼

Mr. Essouma Koung has gained valuable professional experience both in academia and the industry. As a consultant for the design office BST EUROPE (now GREEN ELECTRICITY EUROPE), he contributed to innovative projects in the energy sector. Additionally, as a co-founder of the Volto Gaz project, he is actively involved in the development of sustainable energy solutions in Cameroon. His practical experience includes assisting Master’s students with research initiation and numerical simulations at the Laboratory of Energy and Environmental.

Research Interests 🔬

Mr. Essouma Koung’s research interests encompass a wide range of topics related to renewable energy, particularly focusing on wind energy. His expertise includes the implementation of GIS in evaluating wind resources, performance optimization of energy systems, and the integration of renewables into energy systems. His ongoing and planned research projects demonstrate his commitment to addressing key challenges in the field of sustainable energy.

Awards 🏆

While specific awards or recognitions are not mentioned, Mr. Essouma Koung’s significant contributions to the field of renewable energy, as evidenced by his publications and professional engagements, undoubtedly merit recognition. His dedication to advancing sustainable energy solutions in Cameroon is commendable and underscores his potential as a leading figure in the field.

Publications Top Notes 📚

“Technoeconomic analysis of a wind power generation system and wind resource mapping using GIS tools: The case of twelve locations in the commune of Evodoula, Cameroon” – International Journal of Energy Research, 2024.

“A new method optimization the estimation of wind-generated electricity production using physical and modified power models of a wind generator: Case of a place-called in the commune of Evodoula, Cameroon”

“Statistical analysis and comparison of three numerical methods for estimating Weibull parameters using the probabilistic Weibull distribution model to process the evaluation of wind resources for the development of a wind Atlas: Case of the twelve places-called in Evodoula in Cameroon”

VINCENT DE PAUL IGOR ESSOUMA KOUNG | Wind Energy | Best Researcher Award

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