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Dr. SHELENA SOOSAY NATHAN | MOBILE | Women Researcher Award

Senior Lecturer, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia

Dr. Shelena Soosay Nathan, a distinguished Senior Lecturer at the Center for Diploma Studies, Department of Information Technology, was born on 19th November 1988 in Johor Bahru. 🎉 Single and devoted to her academic pursuits, she brings enthusiasm and expertise to her role. 📚 Driven by a passion for travel 🌍, she finds solace in exploring diverse cultures. An accomplished professional, she can be reached at +60149053940 or shelena@uthm.edu.my. Her commitment to education and her vibrant personality make her a valuable asset to the academic community. 🌟




Dr. Shelena Soosay Nathan, a highly qualified Senior Lecturer in the Department of Information Technology, earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology from Universiti Utara Malaysia (2014–2018). 🎓 Her academic journey includes a Master’s of Science in Information Technology (2012–2014) with an impressive CGPA of 3.67 and a Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) (2009–2012) with a stellar CGPA of 3.80. 🌟 Additionally, she achieved Band 4 in the Malaysian University English Test (MUET), showcasing her linguistic proficiency. 📚 With this extensive academic background, Dr. Shelena brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role at the Center for Diploma Studies.


Dr. Shelena Soosay Nathan currently serves as an esteemed faculty member in the Department of IT at the Center for Diploma Studies, University Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM). In her multifaceted role, she is the International Mobility and Global Relation Coordinator, Principal Investigator for grants, Focus Group Head, and Diploma Project Department Head. 🌐 With a wealth of experience, she efficiently manages classes and administration, showcasing her commitment to academic excellence. Prior to her academic tenure, she gained practical insights as an IT intern at Msc Cyberport, Johor Bahru, and demonstrated versatility as a storekeeper at 7 Eleven Sdn Bhd Bandar Putra, Kulai. 🛠️

Research Interest

Dr. Shelena Soosay Nathan, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Information Technology, specializes in cutting-edge areas such as Software Engineering, Mobile Computing, and Human-Computer Interaction. 🖥️ With a keen focus on mobile Application & Evaluation, Usability, and the Internet of Things (IoT), she brings a forward-thinking approach to her academic pursuits. 🌐 Dr. Shelena’s expertise extends to the evaluation of mobile applications and the intricate realm of IoT, reflecting her commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Her passion for these fields enriches the academic environment at the Center for Diploma Studies, making her an invaluable asset to students and colleagues alike


Dr. Shelena Soosay Nathan stands as a trailblazer in academia, receiving accolades that underscore her remarkable contributions. In 2023, she clinched the Best Paper Award at the 12th International Conference on Applied Science and Technology (ICAST), alongside the prestigious Anugerah Bitara Kirana (AIC) from UTHM. Recognized with the Young Faculty Award by Venus International Foundation and the Anugerah Kolaborasi Industri for Industrial Collaboration, she also received community-centric honors like the Anugerah Libat Urus Komuniti. Notably, her innovative projects earned her multiple medals, including a Gold at YOUTH 2023 for the Flood Controlling Smart System. Dr. Shelena’s continuous success exemplifies her dedication to excellence in research and community engagement. 🏆

Publications Top Notes

“Online privacy concerns and self-disclosure: Identifying the antecedents”

  1. Authors: Ismail, A., Hamzah, M.R., Affandy, H.B., Nathan, S.S., Michiko, O.
  2. Published in AIP Conference Proceedings, 2023, Volume 2827(1), 020001

“Validating the Usability Evaluation Model for Hearing Impaired Mobile Application”

  1. Authors: Nathan, S.S., Hashim, N.L., Hussain, A., Sivaji, A., Pozin, M.A.A.
  2. Published in International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications, 2023, Volume 14(3), pp. 473–477

“Design of Smart Walking Shoe for Visually Impaired People”

  1. Authors: Nathan, S.S., Ying, K.J., Wen, L.H., Weoi, L.X.
  2. Published in Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Mechanics, 2023, Volume 101(1), pp. 53–61

“Online Learning in Higher Institution during Pandemic; A Survey on the Students Acceptance”

  1. Authors: Nathan, S.S., Pozin, M.A.A., Ab Razak, S.N.
  2. Published in AIP Conference Proceedings, 2022, Volume 2644, 030041

“E-leader practices on construction project: Industrialised building system (IBS)”

  1. Authors: Ahmad Pozin, M.A., Soosay Nathan, S.A.P., Yaziz Mohamad, M.F.A., Abashah, A.
  2. Published in AIP Conference Proceedings, 2021, Volume 2339, 020157



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