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Vahid Esfahanian, Energy,  Best Researcher Award.

Professor at University of Tehran – Iran

👨‍🏫 Vahid Esfahanian stands as a distinguished academic and researcher in the domain of Energy his professional journey exemplifies dedication and expertise. 📚

🌐 Professional Profiles

Academic Achievements 🏆📚

 Roles: Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran. Also holds the position of Director/Manager at the Vehicle, Fuel, and Environment Research Institute, University of Tehran.

Awards and Prizes: Dr. Vahid Esfahanian has an impressive array of accolades, including prestigious awards like the Khwarizmi International Award and UNESCO Gold Medal for Fundamental Science. Recognition spans various fields, from applied research to environmental contributions and outstanding paper presentations at international conferences.

Research Contributions: Highlighted contributions include innovative research in modeling and simulation related to Lead-Acid Batteries, furthering the understanding and development of battery technology for sustainable energy solutions.

Industrial Impact & Conference Contributions 🏭🌐

Industrial Projects: Vahid Esfahanian’s impact in the industrial landscape is extensive, including manifold design, vehicle decarbonization to reduce air pollution, software development for battery simulation, and the establishment of emissions labels for various vehicle types in Iran. The scope ranges from feasibility studies of fuel cell vehicles to online air pollution modeling for predicting pollution dispersion.

Conference Organization:  Vahid Esfahanian has been actively involved in organizing and leading conferences in the field. As Chairman or Committee Member, they have contributed significantly to events like the First Conference on Natural Gas Vehicles and Alternative Fuel, the Annual (International) Conference on Mechanical Engineering (ISME), and various other prestigious gatherings, showcasing leadership in academic forums.

Professional Memberships:  Active participation and contribution in professional associations reflect dedication and commitment to advancing knowledge and standards within the industry. Memberships in organizations such as the Iran Meteorological Association, Iran Standard Association, Iran Alternative Fuel Association, and Iran Wind Energy Association highlight a broad engagement in diverse professional domains.

Vahid Esfahanian’s citation metrics and indices from Google Scholar are as follows:

📊 Citation Metrics (Google Scholar):

  • Cited by: All –3827, Since 2019– 2309
  • h-index: All – 32, Since 2019 –23
  • i10-index : All -76, Since 2019 -45

Top Noted Publications by Dr.Vahid Esfahanian📚:

A review of Battery Electric Vehicle technology and readiness levels

Paper Published in  2017 and Cited by 756

Optimum sizing and optimum energy management of a hybrid energy storage system for lithium battery life improvement

Paper Published in 2013 and Cited by 213

Thermal analysis of an SI engine piston using different combustion boundary condition treatments

Paper Published in 2006 and Cited by 159

Deep neural networks for nonlinear model order reduction of unsteady flows

Paper Published in 2020 and Cited by 123

Numerical simulation of a novel spiral type ground heat exchanger for enhancing heat transfer performance of geothermal heat pump

Paper Published in 2018 and Cited by 93

Effect of different regenerative braking strategies on braking performance and fuel economy in a hybrid electric bus employing CRUISE vehicle simulation

Paper Published in  2009   and Cited by 89

Minimization of power losses in hybrid electric vehicles in view of the prolonging of battery life

Paper Published in 2009 and Cited by 74

Investigating the reactivity controlled compression ignition (RCCI) combustion strategy in a natural gas/diesel fueled engine with a pre-chamber

Paper Published in  2017 and Cited by 68

Numerical analysis of flow field around NREL Phase II wind turbine by a hybrid CFD/BEM method

Paper Published in 2013 and Cited by 64

An innovative computational algorithm for simulation of lead-acid batteries

Paper Published in 2008 and Cited by 64

Study of thermal–runaway in batteries I. Theoretical study and formulation

Paper Published in 2011 and Cited by 63

Application of micro gas turbine in range-extended electric vehicles

Paper Published in 2018 and Cited by 56


Vahid Esfahanian’s influence spans industrial projects, conference organization, and active involvement in professional associations, demonstrating a comprehensive commitment to advancing industry standards and promoting innovation in various domains.

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