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Dr. Muthukumaran Balakrishnan | Renewable | Best Researcher Award

Associate Professor, Presidency College (Autonomous), India

Dr. B. Muthukumaran is an accomplished Associate Professor at Presidency College, Chennai, with over 30 years of experience in chemistry research and teaching. He has supervised numerous PhD and MPhil candidates and holds several prestigious academic positions, including being a member of the University of Madras Senate and Dean of Science. Dr. Muthukumaran has received multiple awards for his teaching excellence and contributions to research.


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🎓 Education:

Dr. Muthukumaran earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Annamalai University in 1995. Prior to that, he completed his M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Chemistry from Bharathidasan University in 1990 and 1988, respectively.

👨‍🏫 Experience:

With a teaching experience spanning 27 years across undergraduate and postgraduate levels, Dr. Muthukumaran has dedicated three decades to research, focusing extensively on catalysis and fuel cell technologies. He has successfully completed several research projects funded by DST, UGC, and TANSCHE, showcasing his expertise in electrochemical processes and catalytic materials.

🔬 Research Interests:

Dr. Muthukumaran’s research interests include membraneless fuel cells, electrochemical catalysis, and advanced materials for energy applications. His current projects explore major funding areas like DST-SERB-SURE, aiming to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of energy conversion devices.

🏆 Awards:

Dr. Muthukumaran has been recognized with the Dr. Radhakrishnan Teaching Excellence Award in 2018 and a Teaching Excellence Award in 2022 for his outstanding contributions to academia and research leadership.

📚 Publications Top Notes:

Dr. Muthukumaran has authored over 54 research articles published in Scopus-indexed international journals, with notable contributions in electrochemistry, catalysis, and energy materials. His works have garnered 268 citations, reflecting their impact and relevance in the scientific community.


Synergistic nanocomposite polymer electrolytes for advanced all-solid-state sodium-ion batteries, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2024. (I.F – 8.1)

Enhanced ethylene glycol oxidation in membraneless fuel cells: Comparative analysis of nickel alloy nanocatalysts, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2024. (I.F – 8.1)

Lithium perborate‑based composite polymer electrolytes for all‑solid‑state lithium‑ion batteries: performance enhancement and stability, Ionics, 2024. (I.F – 2.8)

Crafting high-performance polymer-integrated solid electrolyte for solid state sodium ion batteries, Energy Storage, 2024. (I.F – 3.4)

Membraneless ethanol fuel cell Pt–Sn–Re nano active catalyst on a mesoporous carbon support, RSC Advances, 2024. (I.F – 4.0)

Enhanced membraneless fuel cells by electrooxidation of ethylene glycol with a nanostructured cobalt metal catalyst, Environmental Research, 2023. (I.F – 8.4)

Evaluation of iron-based alloy nanocatalysts for the electrooxidation of ethylene glycol in membraneless fuel cells, Fuel, 2022. (I.F – 6.6)

Enhanced electrochemical performance of Pt-Sn-In/C nanoparticles for membraneless fuel cells, Chemical Papers, 2021. (I.F – 2.1)

Optimizing parameters for remediating Cr(VI) contaminated groundwater using electrocoagulation process, Asian Journal of Chemistry, 2021. (I.F – 4.8)




Muthukumaran Balakrishnan | Renewable | Best Researcher Award

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