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Ms. Soukaina ELKADAOUI | chitin and chitosan | Best Researcher Award

Phd student, cadi ayyad university, Morocco

Soukaina Elkadaoui is a junior scientific researcher specializing in biochemistry, microbiology, and medical science. Born on March 20, 1997, she is known for her research on the physicochemical properties of chitosans and their antibacterial and antifungal effects. Soukaina is currently pursuing her PhD and is deeply involved in research that intersects pharmaceuticals, paramedical studies, and marketing.



🎓 Education:

Soukaina Elkadaoui is currently pursuing her PhD at the Bioresources and Food Safety Laboratory, University Cady Ayyad Marrakesh (2021-2024). She holds a Master’s degree in Metrology and Quality from the Faculty of Sciences Semlalia, University Cady Ayyad Marrakesh (2018-2020). She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology at the Higher Institute of Health Sciences, Hassan 1st Settat University (2015-2017).

💼 Experience:

Soukaina has accumulated substantial research experience through various internships. She completed a research internship at the Microbiology Laboratory CHU MVI Marrakesh in February 2024, focusing on the antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant activities of chitosans. From April 2021 to January 2024, she interned at the LIRBM laboratory of the National School of Education (ENS), where she worked on the preparation and characterization of chitins and chitosans from insects and marine waste. In 2019, she had an operational internship at the Microbiology Laboratory CHU MVI Marrakesh, where she developed evaluation grids according to ISO15189 standards and performed comprehensive sample analysis procedures.

🔬 Research Interests:

Soukaina’s research interests include the study of chitosans’ physicochemical properties, biochemistry, microbiology, and the development of pharmaceutical and paramedical applications. She is particularly focused on optimizing extraction conditions and characterizing chitosans derived from various sources.

🏆 Awards:

While specific awards are not mentioned, Soukaina’s involvement in multiple high-profile conferences and her collaborative research publications underscore her contributions and recognition in her field.

📚 Publications Top Notes:

Valorization of Hermetia illucens breeding rejects by chitins and chitosans production. Influence of processes and life cycle on their physicochemical characteristicsInternational Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2024.

Cited by: Articles on chitosan production and applications.

Extraction of chitin, preparation of chitosan and their structural characterizationHandbook of Natural Polymers, Volume 1, Elsevier, 2023.

Cited by: Research on natural polymer extraction and applications.

Investigation of the desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria) and its different morphological parts as a chitinous source – Submitted to Polymer Bulletin.

Cited by: Pending publication, expected to influence studies on chitin sources.

Soukaina ELKADAOUI | chitin and chitosan | Best Researcher Award

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