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Mr. Saddam Hussain | Biological Inorganic chemistry | Best Research Article Award

PhD Scholar Instituto de Química de São Carlos, Univ Brazil

Saddam Hussain is a dedicated researcher in the field of inorganic chemistry. With a strong academic background from the University of Peshawar, he has contributed significantly to chemical sciences through his work on transition metal complexes and their biological potentials. His passion for research and teaching has been evident throughout his professional journey, making him a valuable asset to the scientific community.




Saddam Hussain completed his Master of Philosophy in Chemistry (M. Phil) at the Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Peshawar in 2021, specializing in Inorganic Chemistry. His dissertation focused on the “Synthesis, characterization and biological potential of Nitroso-R Salt with transition metal complexes.” He also holds a Master of Science in Chemistry (M.Sc) from the same institute, completed in 2017. 🎓📘


Saddam Hussain has held various professional appointments, including Research Associate at the Institute of Chemical Sciences, University of Peshawar (2022-23), and visiting lecturer and teacher roles at prestigious institutions such as the Army Public School and College System and Alnimrah Model School. His experience spans from teaching to conducting significant research projects.

Research Interests

Saddam Hussain’s research interests are diverse and multidisciplinary, including the synthesis of novel transition metal complexes, natural polymer hydrogel, polymer electrolytes, electrochromic devices, and metal-organic frameworks. He has a keen interest in exploring the applications of these materials in various fields such as electrochromic devices, fertilizers, and antioxidants.


Saddam Hussain has been recognized for his contributions with several awards, including the Chief Secretary KP Award for technical education (2015), Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement Scheme award (2019), and the Best Teacher Award at Government Higher Secondary School, Pindi Lalma (2018).

Publications Top Notes

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  2. Khan, S., Hussain, S., Hassan, W. (2023). Comment on “Genotoxicity of organic contaminants in the soil: A review based on bibliometric analysis and methodological progress”. Chemosphere. Click here. Cited by 8 articles.
  3. Hussain, S., Akitsu, T. (2023). Analytical Study of Heavy Metals and SNP Induced Oxidative Stress in Phospholipid Homogenate. BioRes Scientia Publishers. Click here. Cited by 5 articles.
  4. Shah, N.A., Ullah, S., Hussain, S., Akitsu, T. (2024). Catalytic Reduction of Anthropogenic Pollutants over Gold (Au) Based Activated Charcoal. Journal of Clinical Toxicology. Click here. Cited by 15 articles.
  5. Zafar, M., Hussain, S., Duarte, A.E., Hassan, W. (2023). Bibliometric Analysis of Top 100 Most Cited Papers on Multimodality Imaging for Complex Congenital Heart Disease. Current Problems in Cardiology. Click here. Cited by 12 articles.
Saddam Hussain | Biological Inorganic chemistry | Best Research Article Award

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