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Shanshan Xu : Leading Researcher in plasma catalysis

🎉🏆 Congratulations Shanshan Xu , on receiving the esteemed Best Researcher Award from Top scientists Awards! 🌟 Your dedication, innovative research, and scholarly contributions have made a significant impact in the field of Chemical Engineering. 🌌 Your commitment to advancing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of research is truly commendable. Here’s to your continued success in shaping the future of academia and making invaluable contributions to your field. Well done! 🌟

👨‍🏫Shanshan Xu  an Research Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering, (The University of Manchester, UK) stands as a distinguished academic and researcher in the domain of plasma catalysis. Holding a PhD in Chemical Engineering The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK   their professional journey exemplifies dedication and expertise. 📚

🌐 Professional Profiles:

🎓 Educational Background:

PhD in Chemical Engineering  University of Manchester, Manchester, UK   (2017–2021 )

🎓 Employment:
Research Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.
🌟 Skill:
Writing scientific articles for publication, conferences and presentations, Maintaining the research laboratory and equipment training, IT skills in Microsoft Office package and many scientific programmes (OPUS, Origin, ChemDraw, CasaXPS, etc) for data process and analysis, Compressed Gases Safety Training; Qualsafe Level 3 Award in First Aid at work

🔬 Research Interests:

Heterogeneous Catalysis, Non-Thermal Plasma Catalysis, CO2 Conversion, Transient Kinetics and Operando Techniques,
Heterogeneous Reaction Mechanism, Catalyst Preparations and Characterizations,Plastic conversion, Selective Hydrogenation Reaction, 2D material

📚 Publications

She has published 22 Documents in  Google Scholar .

Shanshan Xu’s citation metrics and indices from Google Scholar are as follows:

📊 Citation Metrics (Google Scholar):

  • Cited by: All – 601, Since 2018 – 554
  • h-index: All – 11, Since 2018 – 10
  • i10-index  : All -11,Since 2018 – 10

🔍 Top Noted Publication:

Mechanistic study of non-thermal plasma assisted CO2 hydrogenation over Ru supported on MgAl layered double hydroxide   Paper Published in 2020  Cited by 112

Development of Ni-Co supported on SBA-15 catalysts for non-thermal plasma assisted co-conversion of CO2 and CH4: Results and lessons learnt  Paper Published in 2022,Cited by 10.

Rational design of catalysts for non-thermal plasma (NTP) catalysis: A reflective review  Paper Published in  2023,Cited by 6.

Reverse-Micelle-Induced Exfoliation of Graphite into Graphene Nanosheets with Assistance of Supercritical CO2  Paper Published in  2015,Cited by 81.

Shielding protection by mesoporous catalysts for improving plasma-catalytic ambient ammonia synthesis  Paper Published in  2022,Cited by 69

High-efficiency exfoliation of layered materials into 2D nanosheets in switchable CO2/Surfactant/H2O system  Paper Published in  2015,Cited by 68

Non-thermal plasma catalysis for CO2 conversion and catalyst design for the process   Paper Published in  2021, Cited by 53

Recent advances in non-thermal plasma (NTP) catalysis towards C1 chemistry   Paper Published in  2020, Cited by 37

Effect of supercritical CO 2 on fabrication of free-standing hierarchical graphene oxide/carbon nanofiber/polypyrrole film and its electrochemical property  Paper Published in  2014, Cited by  23

Developing silicalite-1 encapsulated Ni nanoparticles as sintering-/coking-resistant catalysts for dry reforming of methane
Paper Published in  2022, Cited by  17
🌱🌍  Shanshan Xu is a versatile physicist dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in Nuclear Physics in solution , contributing extensively to research and academia. 🚀
Shanshan Xu | plasma catalysis

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