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Yunhong Jiang : Leading Researcher in Materials Science

🎉🏆 Congratulations Yunhong Jiang , on receiving the esteemed  Young Scientist Award from Top scientists Awards! 🌟 Your dedication, innovative research, and scholarly contributions have made a significant impact in the field of Materials Science. 🌌 Your commitment to advancing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of research is truly commendable. Here’s to your continued success in shaping the future of academia and making invaluable contributions to your field. Well done! 🌟

👨‍🏫 Yunhong Jiang an researcher at Shenzhen University China. stands as a distinguished academic and researcher in the domain of Materials Science. Holding a Ph.D. in General Mechanics and Fundamentals of Mechanics, Xiangtan University their professional journey exemplifies dedication and expertise. 📚

🌐 Professional Profiles:

🎓 Educational Background:

Ph.D. in General Mechanics and Fundamentals of Mechanics, Xiangtan University  (2018–2021 )

🎓 Employment:
Postdoctoral researcher at Shenzhen University China.

🔬 Research Interests:

Key mechanical issues behind the autonomous development bottleneck of new energy devices , Synthesis techniques for inorganic nanomaterials and scanning probe microscopy and their applications , Micro-nano mechanics (mechanical property characterization of micro-nano structures)

📚 Publications

He has published 26 Documents in  Scopus.

🔍 Top Noted Publication:

Hydrogen production from seawater splitting enabled by on-line flow-electrode capacitive deionization Paper Published in 2023  Cited by 1

Sustainable sepiolite-based composites for fast clotting and wound healing Paper Published in 2023,Cited by 2.

Advances in TiS2 for energy storage, electronic devices, and catalysis: A review Paper Published in  2023,Cited by 2.

Flexible fire-resistant and heat-insulating materials fabricated using sodium titanate nanobelts Paper Published in  2022,Cited by 6

Synthesis of TiO2/LaFeO3 composites for the photo electrochemical hydrogen evolution Paper Published in  2021,Cited by 8

Preparation of ultrathin carbon-coated CdS nanobelts for advanced Li and Na storage  Paper Published in  2020 ,Cited by 2

Preparation and electrochemical properties of sepiolite supported Co3O4 nanoparticles Paper Published in 2021, Cited by  9

TiO2 nanobelts with ultra-thin mixed C/SiOx coating as high-performance photo/photo electrochemical hydrogen evolution materials Paper Published in 2021 , Cited by 8

Gel polymer electrolyte based on hydrophilic–lipophilic TiO2-modified thermoplastic polyurethane for high-performance Li-ion batteries Paper Published in 2021 , Cited by 18 

🌱🌍  Yunhong Jiang is a versatile physicist dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge in Materials Science in solution , contributing extensively to research and academia. 🚀
Yunhong Jiang | Materials Science

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