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Ms. Prangya Rath | Molecular Biology | Best Scholar Award

Researcher, NA, India

Ms. Prangya Rath, a distinguished figure in the realm of Molecular Biology, has been honored with the prestigious Best Scholar Award. Hailing from India, her contributions to the field are widely recognized and celebrated. Through her pioneering research endeavors, she has illuminated critical facets of molecular mechanisms, pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding. Ms. Rath’s unwavering dedication and innovative approach have earned her admiration and respect from peers and scholars alike. Her achievements stand as a testament to her exemplary commitment to advancing knowledge and fostering excellence in Molecular Biology. 🏆🔬


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Educational Background 📚

Dr. Prangya Rath holds a Ph.D. in biotechnology, specializing in medicinal biochemistry, from Amity Institute of Environmental Sciences, Amity University Noida. She completed her M.Sc. in Biotechnology from South Asian University New Delhi and her B.Sc. (Honors) in Zoology from Maitreyi College, Delhi University. Dr. Rath has a strong academic foundation, including senior secondary and secondary education from CBSE boards.

Professional Experience 💼

Dr. Rath has over five years of research experience in biotechnology, molecular biology, and bioinformatics. She worked as a Content Associate & Copy Editor for Willey Publishers at Aptara Pvt Ltd Noida, gaining expertise in scientific writing and publication processes. Additionally, she interned at the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), contributing to the organization of the Innovation Summit & Exhibition 2019.

Research Interests 🔬

Dr. Rath’s research interests revolve around biotechnology, with a focus on molecular mechanisms, cellular biology, and bioinformatics. She is particularly interested in exploring signaling pathways, medical biochemistry, and drug discovery. Her work aims to elucidate therapeutic targets for various diseases through interdisciplinary approaches.

Awards and Achievements 🏆

Dr. Prangya Rath has achieved notable distinctions in her academic career, including qualifying for prestigious exams like CSIR-SRF, CSIR-NET, and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Her accomplishments reflect her dedication to excellence in the field of biotechnology and life sciences.

Publications Top Notes 📝

Significance of Enzymatic Actions in Biomass Waste Management: Challenges and Future Scope (2024) Citations: 10+ Link 🌱

E-Waste Management in Developing Countries: Current Practices, Challenges, Disposal, and Impact on Human Health and Environment (2024) Citations: 15+ Link 🌍

Microplastic contamination, an emerging threat to the freshwater environment: a systematic review (2024) Citations: 20+ Link 🌊

A Comprehensive Review on the Impact of Climate-Induced Livelihood, Health and Migration on Women and Girls (2024) Citations: 25+ Link 🌏

Application of Enzymes in Biomass Waste Management (2023) Citations: 30+ Link 🌱

Prangya Rath | Molecular Biology | Best Scholar Award

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