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Mr. Stephen Sunday Ede | Physiotherapy | Best Researcher Award

PhD student, University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom

Ede Stephen Sunday, a dedicated Gerontologist and Physiotherapist, exudes boundless passion for helping and caring for others. With a rich background in various care settings catering to both older adults and the younger population, Ede has made significant contributions to the fields of physiotherapy, Gerontology, and public health. His extensive expertise shines through in his impressive portfolio, boasting over 40 articles published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Ede’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being and quality of life for individuals of all ages exemplifies his profound dedication to the field. 🌟




With a steadfast commitment to advancing knowledge and expertise in healthcare, I embarked on a transformative academic journey. From earning a Bachelor’s in Medical Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy) at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, to pursuing a Master of Science in Social Sciences with a focus on Gerontology at the Centre for Research on Ageing, University of Southampton, UK, my educational pursuits have been multifaceted. Building upon this foundation, I am currently undertaking a Ph.D. in Sports and Exercise Sciences at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. Each milestone represents a step towards fulfilling my passion for improving health outcomes and enhancing quality of life for individuals across the lifespan. 📚✨


My academic journey has been adorned with notable achievements and recognition, reflecting my dedication to excellence in Gerontology and related fields. As a recipient of the prestigious Commonwealth MSc scholarship in Gerontology at the University of Southampton, I earned distinction in my MSc program, a testament to my scholarly commitment. The Dean’s List Award further affirmed my academic prowess within the faculty of social sciences. Additionally, I was honored to receive the University of Central Lancashire Funded Maiden Doctoral Training Centre for Industry Collaboration Scholarship, underscoring my potential for impactful research. Furthermore, my MSc dissertation was acknowledged with the Hazel Muras-Osborn Prize, celebrating its methodological innovation and interdisciplinary approach. 🏆🎓



With a rich professional history spanning diverse healthcare settings, I have consistently contributed to the well-being of individuals through my role as a physiotherapist. Currently, I am dedicated to serving patients at Lancashire & South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust, where I leverage my expertise to provide high-quality care. Prior to this, my journey included impactful roles as a Lecturer II at Gregory University Uturu and as a physiotherapist at Fortune Physiotherapy Clinic and University of Benin Teaching Hospital. Each experience has enriched my skill set and deepened my commitment to enhancing the lives of others through physiotherapy. 💼🏥

Publications Top Notes

“Comparison of self-reported ability to perform Kegel’s exercise pre- and post-coital penetration in postpartum women” (Libyan Journal of Medicine, 2023) 📝

“Knowledge, attitude, and perception of Nigerian-based physiotherapists on the utilization of musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging in the clinical management of musculoskeletal conditions” (Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy, 2023) 🧠

“Changes and Forms of Sexual Behaviour in old age: A Qualitative Study of Older People in Southeastern Nigeria” (Sexuality & Culture, 2023) 👴👵

“Can infant carrier hip belts of 2-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch dimensions influence trunk muscle activities during front infant carrying tasks?” (Bulletin of Faculty of Physical Therapy, 2023) 🤱

“Relationship between physical activity level and flexibility profile of Nigerian postpartum women” (Azerbaijan Medical Journal, 2023) 💪

“Knowledge and Experience of Sexual Violence among Female Adolescents in Public Schools in Enugu State during the Covid-19 Pandemic” (Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 2023) 🩸

Stephen Sunday Ede | Physiotherapy | Best Researcher Award

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